Loterie Romande Report Increased Profits and Exceptional Measures to Support Social-Welfare, Sports and Cultural Projects

May 23, 2020 | Lottery News

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — On the back of a rise in gross gaming revenues in 2019, Loterie Romande posted net profit for the year of CHF 224.3 million, which will be fully distributed for the public good. Confronted by the unprecedented challenge posed by the public health crisis, Loterie Romande’s Board of Directors has adopted a raft of exceptional measures to guarantee vital support for beneficiary organisations in the long run.

To meet the challenge of coping with the exceptional set of circumstances in recent months, Loterie Romande’s public-interest mission has never been so crucial. Social welfare, sport, culture, research and education are cornerstones of our society that will need major support during these severely testing times.

On Friday 15th May, Loterie Romande’s General Assembly approved the company’s 2019 operating accounts. Gross gaming revenues (GGR), i.e. the sums of money staked less winnings paid out to players, totalled CHF 408 million, which allowed Loterie Romande to make a record net profit of CHF 224.3 million available to fund public-interest projects.

After distributing a sum of CHF 3.3 million to the equestrian sport and horse-racing body, the bulk of these profits, some CHF 184.2 million, will make it feasible to provide financial backing for a whole host of projects in the areas of social welfare, culture, education, research, heritage and the environment in Switzerland’s French-speaking region. A sizeable slice of the profits, some CHF 25.8 million, is set to be paid out to amateur and grassroots sport (infrastructure, up-and-coming sporting talent, local events). Swiss Olympic, the Swiss Football Association and the national ice-hockey league will also receive CHF 11.1 million in funding support.

On top of that, Loterie Romande also paid out CHF 75.9 million in commission fees to the 2,450 retailers who distribute its games, thereby making a considerable contribution to local economy businesses.

Exceptional measures to meet an unprecedented challenge

In today’s circumstances, it can already be taken as read that the shuttering of cafés, bars and restaurants which sell most of Loterie Romande’s games will leave a dent in the company’s results in 2020. Cancellation of most sporting and horse-racing events will also have the knock-on effect of noticeably shrinking the range of JouezSport and PMU betting on offer. Faced with these quite exceptional circumstances, Loterie Romande’s Board of Directors decided after the close of the 2019 financial year to set aside reserves of CHF 20 million to guarantee significant support for beneficiaries over the long term.

Providing players with better controls over their gambling

In 2019, Loterie Romande was also innovative in a number of areas in its drive to protect players against the risk of developing addictive gambling behaviour and to comply with the demands of the Swiss Federal Gambling Act (Loi fédérale sur les jeux d’argent – LJAr). A new interactive feature has been integrated into Loterie Romande’s online gaming platform: known as Playscan, this tool analyses how long, how often and at what times games are played so as to track each player’s patterns and forestall any problem gambling habits from developing. In retailer outlets, all Loterie électronique machines have been fitted with biometric access control to ensure that any player is at least 18 years old.

The new legal framework governing the gambling sector still has to be supplemented by key agreements and secondary cantonal legislation, which have to be submitted for approval by the cantons’ parliaments by 31st December 2020. All this is enabling Loterie Romande to continue providing an attractive and dynamic, but also healthy, safe and responsible gaming environment for players, so it can guarantee a sustainable long-term stream of profits for good causes.

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SOURCE: Société de la Loterie de la Suisse Romande.

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