The ONCE is Training and Equipping Its Vendors to Recover the Sale of Lotteries

May 23, 2020 | Lottery News

SPAIN — The Organización Nacional de Ciegos Espanoles (O.N.C.E) is already working on the design of a training and information campaign for its vendors, as well as the provision of sufficient hygiene and protection elements to recover the sale of their products safely, both for them and for the people who acquire their traditional coupons and other lottery products.

The Organization has not yet established an exact date for the incorporation of those who carry the illusion to all the streets from their places of sale. All sales agents are ONCE labor personnel and will join when security conditions are absolute.

Until the date of restarting the sale, the Organization works intensively to design training for its sales staff for the new stage of sale and information on what will be the relationships with customers in terms of product management, payments, etc.

In addition, the most comprehensive staff is being prepared to ensure that the workforce of vendors and vendors, all of them people with disabilities, return to work fully protected. To do this, they will be provided with gloves, masks, protective screens, hydroalcoholic solution, and as much equipment as is necessary.

At the same time, the various situations in which sales agents carry out their work are already being analyzed to make the most appropriate decisions at all times, depending on the location and regulations for de-escalation, whether in kiosks, on public roads, in transport areas such as airports and train or bus stations, in shopping malls, in sanitary areas or in any other location, always to comply with current regulations and guarantee safety.

At the same time, the valuation for the cleaning of all the offices and usual work facilities in the ONCE is beginning, as well as the conditioning of the kiosks located in the public space and / or in other places of sale. ONCE, in the Plaza de Callao in Madrid.

The ONCE prepares all the sales gear, including the production and logistics center, popularly known as the coupon press or also the “factory of illusion”, to be able to go to market as soon as possible, complying with regulations and security for workers and customers. The objective is to bring the illusion back to all corners of the country, as it has been doing for 81 years without any interruption other than that caused by the coronavirus.

SOURCE: ONCE Social Group | Cybelae.

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