WestLotto Supports 20 North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Artists

May 23, 2020 | Lottery News

Honorary orders for cultural workers in NRW

MÜNSTER, Germany — In the corona crisis, WestLotto supports 20 artists, musicians, musicians and performers from a wide variety of genres from North Rhine-Westphalia. Each of them produced an exclusive clip for WestLotto for a fee. All clips are available to the public on the WestLotto YouTube channel ( The funding initially consisted of ten fee orders, but due to the high demand and the plight of many artists in view of the Corona crisis, it was expanded by another ten orders.

Culture workers of all genres are particularly hard hit by the corona crisis. Despite the current easing measures, they have benefited the least so far, since most concerts, shows and other cultural events are not yet taking place as usual. In addition, young freelance artists who are not permanently employed usually have only a small amount of reserves and are quickly faced with existential financial emergencies in the event of loss of earnings.

WestLotto spokesman Axel Weber: “WestLotto has recognized the special plight of creative artists. Especially in the time of the pandemic, we all learned how important diverse cultural offerings are for our lives, even outside the mass media. With our campaign we want to contribute to supporting the lively and diverse cultural landscape in NRW. “

The clips impressively show the diversity, creativity and inventiveness of the cultural scene in NRW.


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Our goal is to offer legal and safe games of chance while ensuring the protection of minors and addiction prevention.

WestLotto is connected to society in NRW like no other company. It is a matter of course and important for us to be economically stable as a company, to guarantee player and youth protection, to live social values and to protect resources in order to secure a good future for this society. We are convinced that this can only be achieved through sustainable and conscious corporate management.

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