US Patent Issued for Lottery Ticket Bin with Pull-Out Drawer and Ticket Guide Configuration

September 2, 2021 | Lottery Patents

United States Patent Number: 11,107,311

Patent Issued: August 31, 2021

Title: Lottery Ticket Bin with Pull-Out Drawer and Ticket Guide Configuration

Inventors: Mejenborg; Sten Hallundbaek (Cumming, GA), Masocol; Timothy (Woodstock, GA), Holbrook; James Jonathan (Cumming, GA), Thompson; Mark Andrew (Buford, GA)

Applicant: Scientific Games International, Inc. (Newark, DE, US)

Assignee: Scientific Games International, Inc. (Newark, DE)

Family ID: 1000005775107

Appl. No.: 16/596,919

Filed: October 9, 2019

Current U.S. Class: 1/1

Current CPC Class: G07F 11/18 (20130101); G07F 17/42 (20130101); G07F 11/68 (20130101); G07F 11/007 (20130101)

Current International Class: G07F 11/18 (20060101); G07F 11/68 (20060101); G07F 11/00 (20060101); G07F 17/42 (20060101)

ABSTRACT: A lottery ticket dispenser array includes a plurality of interconnected bins, wherein the bins include a housing having a bottom and an open top.

A drawer is slidable into and out of the housing and includes an open top and a ticket compartment configured for receipt of a stack of the interconnected lottery tickets in a laid-down orientation.

A component section adjacent in the drawer is configured to automatically dispense the lottery tickets through a dispense slot upon receipt of a dispense command.

A ramp is disposed within the ticket compartment and is angled upwards from a floor of the ticket compartment towards the component section.

The ramp includes a plurality of raised ridges extending across the ramp and spaced longitudinally apart along the ramp, wherein each ridge defines a retaining edge for progressively longer stacks of interconnected lottery tickets placed within the ticket compartment in the laid-down orientation.

SOURCE: US Patent & Trademark Office.