Dutch Gaming Authority Tackles Illegal Bingo and Lottery Organizers

September 9, 2021 | Government

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (September 2, 2021) — The Gaming Authority (Ksa) has imposed a cease and desist order on the organizers of a commercial online bingo and a commercial online lottery. It concerns the bingo Luxury Bingo (via Facebook) and the lottery BSB Shop (first via Facebook, later via the platform Discord).

In both cases there was recidivism. The organizer of Luxury Bingo was warned by the Ksa to stop. He originally responded to this, but picked up the thread again after a period of inactivity. The page has since been removed by Facebook, after a report by the Ksa. The amount of the charge is 3000 euros per violation up to a maximum of 30,000 euros.

BSB Shop originally also organized online lotteries via Facebook (on the page called ‘Silhouette cameo patterns & ideas’), but moved to the platform Discord after performing by the Ksa. The amount of the charge in this case is 7,000 euros per violation up to a maximum of 35,000 euros.

Not guaranteed fair play

The Ksa takes action against illegal games of chance. It is prohibited to offer a game of chance without a license. Participants in illegal games of chance are not assured of a fair game: is the drawing fair, are there real prizes, is there no question of fraud, do the organizers not engage in self-enrichment? The Ksa therefore warns consumers against participating.

For some time now, the Ksa has been working with Facebook to put a stop to this kind of illegal practice.

SOURCE: Kansspelautoriteit.

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