The Board of the Regulatory Body for Gaming of the Province of Salta Prosecute Clandestine Gambling Organization

September 11, 2021 | Government

ROSARIO DE LERMA, Salta, Argentina (September 3, 2021) — The Rosario de Lerma criminal prosecutor, Federico Jovanovics, requested the search and seizure of mobile devices and elements linked to the clandestine gambling organization. The Court of Guarantees 2 authorized the raids and kidnappings.

In two of the cases, the complaint had been made by the Chairman of the Board of the Gaming Regulatory Body (ENREJA), Aníbal Osvaldo Caro.

In the first case, he denounced the realization of bingo halls in a virtual way, via WhatsApp messaging and the social network Facebook, under the profile “Bingo Las Biyus” and/or “Las Comadres” and/or Biyu, it was sold and then provided a CBU number so that they will make the bank transfers.

In the second, the official denounced the virtual bingo, via WhatsApp and for money, whose seller and organizer operated with an account in Mercado Pago, also with a CBU number for bank transfers. All this, without any authorization from the Regulatory Entity and without complying with the legal requirements for said activity.

In a third case, the complaint was made last May by the Director and Vice President of the Board of the Gaming Regulatory Body (En.Re.Ja), Adrián Amén Di Gangi, who received bingo and lottery that are carried out virtually in that locality and published on social networks, in closed WhatsApp groups. In this case, the vendor and organizer acted under the alias “Evelyn”, who agreed on a meeting place for the sale of the bingo or lota cards.

Later, it was found that it was a habitual activity of those denounced, in which players from different towns of the Lerma Valley and the city of Salta participated, in particular Rosario de Lerma, which is aggravated by the omission of the regulations regarding the Gambling Addiction Prevention Program and state policies in this regard.

The investigative group of the Salta Police carried out a series of actions that resulted in the suspects residing in Rosario de Lerma.

The prosecutor Jovanovics requested the raids and kidnappings of mobile devices and elements that were linked to clandestine games of chance. They were ordered by the Second Nomination Court of Guarantees, in charge of Judge Ignacio Colombo, and were finalized last August. Printed cards were seized in the first home; in the second, a mobile phone, owned by the investigated; and at the third address, a cell phone.

SOURCE: The Association of Lotteries, Quinielas, and State Casinos of Argentina (ALEA).

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