The Melilla Online Gaming Association Is Born

September 11, 2021 | Online Gambling

MELILLA, Spain (September 7, 2021) — After more than three years since various Online Gaming companies began to be established in Melilla, their work teams based in the City, and after months of informal work with the economic and political sectors of the City, last August the Melilla Online Gaming Association was formally established.

It is a non-profit association that was born with the firm intention of institutionalizing the presence of online gambling companies and auxiliary technological sectors in Melilla, whose business fabric has been significantly enriched since the arrival of the main players in this sector, which they have already contributed to the creation of more than 150 jobs in the City.

Formed by most of the online gambling companies based in the Autonomous City, Codere, Versus, JOKERBET, Casino Gran Madrid Online, Skill on Net, Wanabet, AfiliaGo and AfiliaGambling, this is how what promises to be a development vehicle is officially established of commercial activities and generator of new local business opportunities.

The members of the Association committed to the expansion of Melilla, come together to, together with suppliers, local institutions and other economic, social and political actors, produce business synergies that are deemed necessary to promote the economic development of the City, as well as to secure the necessary conditions, both in the short and long term, that promote the creation of employment and wealth through the sustainable development of a strongly regulated activity in Spain.

The visibility of the sector and the promotion of commercial, cultural and leisure initiatives are not only focused on improving the attractiveness of the City for attracting investment and new talent that has an impact on the quality of life in the environment, but also on the retention of one’s own talent already generated. In the same way, it is intended to promote the development of an educational offer that allows future generations to continue raising the value of the City, one of the main goals of the Association.

Working under a stable legal and fiscal framework for the commercial activities of the members that make up the Association and also promoting a safe gambling environment and responsible gambling policies, companies in the gambling sector are firmly committed to the future of Melilla.

SOURCE: AJOM statement (Melilla Online Game Association) SeeĀ website.