Gambling Commission Outlines Its Strategy for the Next Three Years

September 18, 2021 | Government

The corporate strategy highlights the most important work it intends to deliver over the next three years


This strategy highlights the most important work we intend to deliver over the next three years.

The strategy is driven by our statutory duties and has been shaped by our most recent assessment of current risks to gambling consumers and market integrity.

It has also been shaped by our current work running the competition to award the next Licence for The National Lottery and ensuring the continuation of the current good performance. It takes account of the recommendations included in recent reports on gambling regulation undertaken by the National Audit Office, Public Accounts Committee and House of Lords Select Committee. It builds on a recent strategic review to develop and restructure our organisation to ensure that we have the right skills, experience and resources to regulate effectively in future. Through this work we can ensure the Gambling Commission is prepared to meet the challenges ahead.

A well-regulated gambling market, in which consumers have confidence that they will be well treated and protected, is the only sustainable basis for allowing businesses to provide facilities for gambling.

We understand that the gambling businesses we licence will need to adapt and respond to the demands of their consumers. But in evolving products and services, consumer protection must be at the forefront of businesses’ minds and plans.

Alongside regulating the wider gambling market, we have a strong track record of safeguarding The National Lottery and ensuring that it is run with integrity, protects players, and maximises contributions to good causes. We want to build on this success by running a fair and transparent competition for the next National Lottery Licence. That Licence will provide more opportunities for innovation and creativity while protecting the unique status of The National Lottery.

Given the innovative and fast-moving nature of the gambling industry, and our intention to help the National Lottery go from strength to strength, our regulatory approach cannot standstill. We need to adapt to live up to the international reputation we have earned as an effective regulator. I am very proud of the progress we have made over the last three years. This strategy will build on the foundations we have set in the months and years ahead.

Dr William Moyes



This strategy sets out the high-level priority work we will deliver over the next three years. It will ensure we remain flexible enough to regulate an increasingly fast-changing gambling industry. It will also help us to deliver a high quality and effective competition for the next National Lottery Licence while maintaining the current good performance of the existing Licence.

The strategy should be read in conjunction with our Business Plan, published annually, which explains how we plan to deliver our work each year. We will begin to implement both the strategy and the latest Business Plan from April 2021.

We will build on the achievements and maintain the ambition of our first three-year corporate strategy. We know that our resources need to be carefully considered and planned so we can continue to deploy them effectively at a pace to address emerging risks and issues. We will provide clearer and more timely evidence about the impact of our work to better demonstrate what we have achieved.

This strategy takes account of the fact that the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) (opens in a new tab) has recently launched a review of the Gambling Act, which includes consideration of our power and resources to regulate. We expect the review to conclude partway through the life of this strategy, so we must balance the need to make progress while remaining flexible to adapt to the outcomes of that review.

Our strategic objectives are specifically linked to our duties under the Gambling Act and the National Lottery Act. Our determination to raise standards in the gambling market cuts across all our strategic objectives.

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SOURCE: Gambling Commission.

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