Esportshall, Svenska Elitserien and Svenska Spel in a New Venture to Develop Swedish e-Sports

October 2, 2021 | Esports

VISBY, Sweden (September 23, 2021) — Esportshall begins a new collaboration with Elitserien and Svenska Spel, with the aim of strengthening the grassroots in Swedish e-sports. By arranging several cups aimed at players who have just begun their e-sports journey, the collaboration will help to lift the next generation of CS: GO players. – We are really looking forward to arranging these grassroots cups in collaboration with the Elite Series at Esportshall’s physical facilities, says Karl Sergel, founder of Esportshall.

Esportshall is Sweden’s first municipally supported training facility for e-sports and collaborates with Uddevalla Municipality, Svenska Spel, Corsair, Lenovo and Intel. The facility works with skills transfer from Tier 1 e-sports to the grassroots where physical activity, healthy eating and association life are a natural part of e-sports.

“As hardcore CS fans, we have followed both Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson’s player career and entrepreneurship in the Swedish Elite Series in CS: GO with great joy. When Esportshall went from idea to reality, it felt natural to pull our straw to the pile and support Sweden’s largest e-sports league by giving them access to our premises,” says Karl Sergel.

“We need more grassroots movements in Sweden for e-sports to be able to grow and flourish to their full potential. In recent years, the Elite Series has successfully helped to strengthen Swedish e-sports. The elite series has already produced both players and teams that maintain a high international level. Therefore, we need more amateur competitions that continue to strengthen e-sports and give beginners the chance to compete and develop. Therefore, we are happy to now be able to present our collaboration with Esportshall and Svenska Spel,” says Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson.

During the autumn, starting 16/10, a number of grassroots cups will be held at Esportshall in collaboration with the Elite Series. The cups are aimed at players who have just started their e-sports journey and want to take it to the next level in an e-sports environment where all matches are played on LAN with Tier 1 equipment.

“Svenska Spel wants to be involved in developing Swedish e-sports, from grassroots to elite. We are therefore very happy to be able to participate and enable these grassroots cups at Esportshall together with the Elite Series. To give the younger players a clear context to practice e-sports, where association life is also present, we believe is important going forward for Swedish e-sports,” says Jimmy Sandberg, sponsorship project manager at Svenska Spel

SOURCE: Svenska Spel.

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