Spelinspektionen: Legal Position, Licensees May Not Contribute or Encourage Gambling on Credit

October 2, 2021 | Gambling

STRÄNGNÄS, Sweden (September 22, 2021) — According to the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate, it is not compatible with the duty of care that licensees contribute or encourage players to borrow money to maintain their gambling.

The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate presents the grounds for this interpretation in a legal position regarding the duty of care’s relationship to gambling on credit.

In the legal position, examples are given of actions that are not permitted. For example, licensees are not allowed to inform or link to companies that only offer payment options in the form of credits, on websites where games about money are provided. It is also not compatible with the duty of care to enable invoices as payment alternatives or to offer payment alternatives where deposits are made via mobile and the cost is added to the mobile subscription invoice, as these procedures contribute to gambling on credit.

The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate’s legal position regarding credit games.

The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate has also produced a guide for duty of care

SOURCE: Spelinspektionen (Gaming Inspectorate).

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