Approach Match Fixing; Position Paper Dutch Lottery

October 9, 2021 | Sports Betting

RIJSWIJK, Netherlands (September 28, 2021) — On Monday, September 27, a round table discussion about match-fixing took place in the House of Representatives on behalf of the Dutch Lottery, Sam Depoortere took part in this discussion.

Consumers, sports enthusiasts, policymakers, and civil society organizations must be able to rely on the fact that both sport and sports betting are conducted fairly, transparently, and with integrity. Match-fixing undermines this trust and that is undesirable.

Match-fixing can only be combated through close cooperation between the sports and games of chance sectors and thorough investigation and prosecution. Measures from prevention to identification and from detection to enforcement must be properly coordinated.

In this position paper, the Dutch Lottery explains what measures it takes to:

  1. recognize early signs of match-fixing,
  2. what measures it takes to further increase awareness about match-fixing among athletes and other relevant stakeholders, and
  3. prevent match-fixing. In addition, the Dutch Lottery makes three proposals that contribute to strengthening the anti-match-fixing climate in the Netherlands.

SOURCE: Nederlandse Loterij.

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