Proposed Paraná State Lottery Will Finance Security, Housing and Program for Seniors

October 9, 2021 | Financial

Source: Legislative Assembly of the State of Paraná

PARANÁ, Brazil (October 6, 2021) — The text’s justification emphasizes that the resources raised by the public lottery will finance “socially relevant activities related to the promotion of social rights.” Specifically, the collection from the exploitation of gambling will help the State to fund public security services, popular housing and actions and programs of the State Government, especially when aimed at promoting the rights of the elderly.

The Executive Branch argues in the justification of the matter that the lottery means a way to increase public coffers, especially in the context of the current economic and health crisis.

“The increase in the collection provides means for the State Government to have resources to implement public policies in order to guarantee the population’s rights.”

Another point raised shows that other states in the Federation have legislation that allows the exploitation of state lotteries, such as Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Ceará, Espírito Santo and Maranhão. In addition, the project highlights that Paraná already had a public lottery service, Serlopar, created in 1987 and extinct in 2007.


The bill provides that Lotepar may directly execute lottery games in the state or delegate them “by permission, concession or other modality provided for in the legislation governing public contracts, the operational activities inherent to the operation of the lottery game.”

The autarchy will be responsible for programming, controlling and executing all technical, administrative and financial services; promote articulation with similar bodies; carry out studies, researches and surveys aimed at planning the lottery system; and maintain permanent public information services.

In this way, as provided for in the justification of the text, Lotepar may ” perform audits on equipment, processes and procedures, as well as on commercial or tax books, files, documents, papers and commercial or tax effects of companies, in physical or digital means, who come to explore any of the modalities of lottery provided.”

Also, “require, when necessary, the inspection of the Health Surveillance, including immediate access to facilities, all items, documents and equipment that may be necessary,”

“Lotepar will require service concessionaires and licensees to certify the adoption of practices dedicated to promoting responsible gaming and protecting vulnerable people, as well as the health and smoothness of computer programs (software) and equipment (hardware) to be used in the operation of lottery modalities.” highlights the project.

SOURCE: Legislative Assembly of the State of Paraná.

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