The ALEA Agenda and Its Members

November 1, 2021 | Lottery News

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (October 22, 2021) — At the ALEA Meeting Center, the Association’s Board of Directors advanced with each of the topics on the agenda. In the afternoon, representatives of the adherent member companies met with the Executive Director and discussed various aspects of current affairs in the sector.

With the participation of 18 jurisdictions, in person and remotely, the ALEA Board of Directors met on October 20, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The President of ALEA and the Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos of Buenos Aires, Omar Galdurrade, welcomed the participants and thanked the members of the Board. “Little by little, we are having the possibility of holding face-to-face meetings and our goal is to meet again. We know that for personal and work reasons it can sometimes be complicated. Our hope and expectation is to have all of you in the next Assembly, in which we will carry out the election of authorities.” It should be remembered that said Ordinary Assembly was postponed due to the pandemic and was rescheduled for April 2022, with a date to be confirmed.

Next, Executive Director Mario Trucco commented on the appointment of new authorities in two jurisdictions. He mentioned in the first place in La Pampa, the assumption of Rubén Mendoza as President of ISS-DAFAS. And, with the creation of the Provincial Institute of Games of Jujuy (InProJuy), after the dissolution of the Development Bank, the appointment of Lic.

Walter Morales as President and José García Naser, for the position of Vice President was mentioned. It should be noted that García Naser is one of the first graduates of the University Technician in Management and Administration of Gambling ALEA-UPAP.

The work agenda for the last months of 2021 was also addressed, referring to the Technician in Gaming Management, the Executive Director pointed out in the first place, the delivery of diplomas of the first graduates. He indicated that it is expected to carry out the grade collation of the students of the first cohort (2017) in Paraná, on November 16; in Neuquén, on the 25th; and in Salta, on December 2. The President of ALEA invited the members to accompany this act, which represents an achievement for ALEA and for the academic and professional training of those who work in gaming regulators.

Likewise, the launch of pre-registrations for the first year of the Technical Degree in Gaming Management for the period 2022 was confirmed.

Quality, online gambling and illegal prevention

On the other hand, the update of the Normative Reference N ° 19 ALEA – IRAM was approved, which will allow the incorporation of technical aspects and requirements, especially Responsible Gaming and linked to the management of online gambling.

Also, work continues to modify Law 20,630.

Regarding online gaming, progress was reviewed with the Roadmap for Online Gaming and the recent intensive webinar.

Regarding the agreement with Facebook that will allow reporting of illegal online gambling detected both on said social network and on Instagram, progress was discussed and a forthcoming meeting with designated representatives from all jurisdictions was announced.

Regarding the Code of Good Practices for Online Gaming Advertising in Argentina, it was reported that it continues to gain accessions from member organizations and companies.

At the international level, the recent activities of WLA and CIBELAE were shared.

Game Map

The ALEA Executive Director shared the first results of the recent Game Map. He also reported on the planning of an update session on the Strategic Plan and the formation of a team dedicated to its development.

Internally, the Executive Director Mario Trucco commented on the restructuring of statutory positions and functions, after the retirement for the retirement benefit of María Rosa Frencia. In this regard, he reported that María Fernanda Belmonte assumed the Administrative Secretariat of the Association. Previously, Fernanda had been in charge of the Internal and Financial Division of ALEA.

After the meeting of the Board of Directors, in the afternoon, the representatives of member companies adhering to ALEA participated in a meeting with the Executive Director of ALEA. With an open agenda, the meeting allowed to talk about the current situation of the sector and, also, to share joint work proposals for the future.

SOURCE: The Association of Lotteries, Quinielas and State Casinos of Argentina (ALEA).