Why Do We Say #NO to Asset Laundering?

November 6, 2021 | Online Gambling

CÓRDOBA – Argentina (October 30, 2021) — Every October 29 we reaffirm our commitment to work on the Prevention of Money Laundering in the gaming sector. The Coordinating Unit for the Prevention of Money Laundering of ALEA (UCPLA) adheres to this date established at the initiative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, reaffirming the commitment assumed in the prevention of these criminal activities, continuing with policies proactive in line with national strategies, adopted in the matter.

Every October 29 we commemorate this day together with the #argentinas lotteries . The date allows us to make visible this permanent work axis of ALEA and its members to help raise awareness in institutions, businessmen, public officials and the general public, about how money laundering is a problem linked to drug trafficking , weapons, corruption, clandestine gambling, human trafficking, extortion, tax evasion, kidnapping and many crimes.

How do #argentinas lotteries prevent money laundering?

In this workspace they train, prepare manuals and prevention guides, participate in forums to specialize in the subject.Each gambling regulatory body in Argentina has a compliance officer who is part of ALEA’s Coordinating Unit for the Prevention of Money Laundering.

Because risk management is essential for the regulatory bodies of gambling, members of ALEA.

We review the joint work carried out in recent years:

  • Online Gaming Roadmap.
  • National Risk Assessment Project.
  • Digital training guide
  • Guide for the preparation of the Manual
  • Webinar “Games of chance and international standards for the prevention of money laundering” together with Cibelae.
  • Pillars of compliance, Guides and Standards (from the Coordination of the CIBELAE Technical Commission).

SOURCE: The Association of Lotteries, Quinielas and State Casinos of Argentina (ALEA).