Ksa Checks Advertising Policy Online Providers

February 18, 2022 | Online Gambling

The Hague, Netherlands (February 14, 2022) — In recent months, the Gaming Authority (Ksa) has checked the advertising policy of all 11 holders of an online gambling license. Special attention was paid to the protection of vulnerable persons, such as minors and young adults.

The Ksa found on the basis of policy documents at 3 providers that they intended to advertise on, among others, the Donald Duck website, the YouTube channel TeenTok and around TV family programs such as MarbleMania. These providers received an official warning. They must immediately adjust the advertising policy to prevent enforcement. One license holder has meanwhile adjusted the policy in accordance with the Ksa’s comments. Less serious deviations from the law were found at seven other providers: they too must take measures. With one provider, the Ksa could limit itself to a recommendation.

Gambling Addiction

The protection of vulnerable groups such as minors, young adults or problem players is a priority for the Ksa. They are extra sensitive to gambling addiction and are therefore not allowed to see gambling advertising. The law sets strict requirements for this. Even if advertising is outsourced, the license holder remains responsible. The agreements must be laid down in writing in advance.

Enforcement Action

The Gaming Authority keeps a close eye on advertising by gambling providers and takes enforcement action where necessary. New providers can also look forward to such treatment. Fines are not excluded if violations are found.

SOURCE: Kansspelautoriteit