Tabcorp Awarded new 20-year Digital and Retail Keno Licence in Victoria

February 27, 2022 | Government

SYDNEY, Australia (February 23, 2022) — Tabcorp Holdings Limited (Tabcorp) announces it has been awarded a 20-year non-exclusive retail and digital Keno licence in Victoria for an up-front payment of $25m.

The new licence will run to 2042. The new licence takes effect from 15 April 2022 upon expiry of Tabcorp’s current exclusive 10-year retail-only licence, which was awarded in 2012 for a payment of $60m.

The new Keno licensing regime follows the Victorian government’s Keno Licence Review and subsequent Invitation to Apply for a Keno Licence process. It sees a return to the pre-2012 structure of having two authorised Keno operators in Victoria.

The longer term and the specific inclusion of digital enablement are welcome components of the new licence.

As the incumbent licence holder, Tabcorp, with the support of its retail partners, will continue to offer Victorian players an attractive Keno game underpinned by the pooling of prizes with its other major Keno markets.

Managing Director, Lotteries & Keno, Sue van der Merwe said: “Tabcorp is pleased to continue its partnership with the Victorian Government. with the longer term and expanded channel flexibility offered under this licence.

“The new structure will allow us to continue offering Victorian players a world class Keno product and responsibly grow the game further, backed by our extensive retail and brand presence and the expertise gained from our existing Keno online business.”

Tabcorp also holds sole, and long-dated, licences and approvals to conduct Keno in New South Wales (together with its co-licensee ClubKeno Holdings Pty Ltd, which expires in 2050), the ACT (expiry 2064), South Australia (expiry 2052) and Queensland (expiry 2047).

This announcement was authorised for release by David Attenborough, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

For more information: Media: Nicholas Tzaferis, GM Corporate Communications, +61 3 9868 2529 Investors/Analysts: Chris Richardson, GM Investor Relations & Treasury, +61 3 9868 2800.

SOURCE: Tabcorp.

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