Tocantins Government Works on Proposals for Public-Private Partnerships for State’s Lottery

February 27, 2022 | Government

Three projects were discussed at the meeting: lottery, marina and railroad.

BRAZIL (February 21, 2022) — On the occasion, the head of the SPI explained the importance of Ricardo Ayres in the intermediation with the parliamentarians of the State regarding the three probable PPPs specific to the SPI. They are: Tocantins Lottery, Marina de Palmas and Ferrovia.

“We highlight three projects, the first is the law authorizing the concession of lotteries. The second, a law that regulates the state rail system and is in line with the new national rail policy of authorizations and concessions. The third is the destination law and the specialization of urbanization areas for a state marina. These three projects and their legislative needs must continue with intensity, and Secretary Ricardo’s excellence in political articulation will add a lot to the partnership program,” highlighted José Humberto.

The president of Tocantins Partnerships, Aleandro Lacerda, also highlights the contribution that Ricardo Ayres can make to the process: “Governor Wanderlei Barbosa’s determination to bring Ricardo Ayres closer to this process together with us, brings us a certain optimism, because he has the understanding of this articulation of governance in the issue of approval of legislative products.”

“We are already advanced in other situations, such as the state railroad, which Secretary José Humberto is bringing to Tocantins and which will have even more strength with the arrival of Ricardo Ayres and, therefore, quickly comply with what the governor has determined.

The Governor is aware that the unification of efforts anticipates these actions and that is what we have been looking for, we work in favor of the State in a unanimous and joint way,” he highlighted.

Also, the importance and priority of the PPI/TO for Tocantins was highlighted, with the normal continuity of its work flow in Organs involved bodies.

Public-Private Partnerships

The extraordinary secretary for Public-Private Partnerships recalled that in 2020, as a deputy, he presented a Bill that proposed the creation of the State Lottery of Tocantins and clarified that his role in the Government structure is to contribute to projects that bring economic and social development. and generation of jobs for the population of the State.

“Governor Wanderlei Barbosa constituted a very competent technical team that has been led by Secretary José Humberto and President Aleandro, and our intention, as Secretary of Public-Private Partnerships, is to improve these projects more and more and contribute to the speed of this model that needs to be adopted in the sense of handing over to the individual some attributions that would fall to the State, in order to minimize the use of state resources for these activities,” highlighted Ricardo Ayres.

The extraordinary secretary also added that public-private partnerships accelerate the development of Tocantins:

“The Governor wants us to work together, accelerate the entire set of regulations so that as soon as possible we can establish these partnerships with private entities in various state activities, whose Government of Tocantins has an interest in attracting private capital.”

“With resources coming from abroad, we will generate employment and income opportunities for the population, reduce the size of the State so that it can apply resources in priority areas such as education, health and the improvement of our roads,” highlighted Ayres.

SOURCE: Government Press Office.