Svenska Spel Wins the Swedish Championship in Employer Branding

March 6, 2022 | Lottery News

VISBY, Sweden (February 21, 2022) — Svenska Spel’s Joakim Karlsson, head of Talent Acquisition, and Anders Svedberg, Employer Brand Manager, receive gold in the Grand Prix category.

On Thursday, the Magnet Awards were decided for the best initiative in Employer Branding during a live award ceremony. Svenska Spel was awarded gold in the Grand Prix category for this year’s most complete work in Employer Branding.

Magnet Awards is the largest competition of its kind in Sweden and aims to pay tribute to employers who make a difference. It consists of seven categories where gold, silver and bronze are awarded: Attraction, People Tech, Diversity & Inclusion, Culture & Commitment, International Class, Open Class and Grand Prix.

Svenska Spel took home gold in the Grand Prix category, which praises this year’s most complete work with Employer Branding. The winning contribution shows, among other things, how Svenska Spel has continuously positioned itself as a major employer in tech and how it highlights its employees in various contexts, both together with external partners such as Tjejer Kodar and in its own channels.

“We are of course very proud of the price. Above all, it is thanks to all our colleagues who in different ways share their everyday work and what it is like to work with us. The fact that we are chosen as the winner means that the jury values long-termism and a clear strategy for Employer Branding. We have worked purposefully and believed in what we do all the way. Taking home the Grand Prix makes us even more motivated to continue developing that work,” says Joakim Karlsson, head of Talent Acquisition at Svenska Spel.

During the pandemic, Svenska Spel has made several strategic decisions to be an attractive long-term employer. In addition to large investments in the offices, Svenska Spel has, among other things, hired a health coach, stated that ” with us we do the job where it suits best ” and introduced a personal pot of SEK 10,000 per employee and year. In addition, a hybrid solution is also offered where all employees who have the opportunity to work from home can receive a home office allowance of SEK 5,000.

The jury’s motivation for gold in the Grand Prix

This year’s winner is a real player. Well-known to most but not as an employer within difficult-to-recruit target groups. By taking new steps and combining their stars with new positions, they have achieved a good effect both among applicants and in their view of them as employers. The jury saw a breadth of creative and integrated activities, with a team cohesion that deserves a real winner!

About the Grand Prix

Category is about how an employer has methodically worked over time to create and implement strategies, how to bring the brand to life and what cultural movements have been made – a total that must also have proven itself through measurability and results. The competition is organized by the agencies Universum, Business & People, Whydentify and Coreworkers. The Grand Prix is awarded to the employer who can present:

– A well-established strategy for internal and external Employer Branding

– A high level of implementation and common thread through all communication

– Creative height in several activities

– Clear effect of their work

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Here you will find Svenska Spel’s career page.

SOURCE: Svenska Spel.