OPAP Cyprus Honours Europa Donna with Breast-Cancer Detection Systems

March 20, 2022 | Government

ATHENS, Greece (March 14, 2022) — Marking 10 years of scientific friendship with Europa Donna, OPAP Cyprus has presented new mammography systems to ensure better results in the diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer.

OPAP Cyprus’ major new offering to the ministry of health, renewing its support of Europa Donna Cyprus, was announced on Tuesday, March 8, International Women’s Day, by CEO Dimitris Aletraris. “Having proven that the health of our fellow human beings is a top priority in its social action, OPAP Cyprus continues to support the plans of the ministry of health, aiming at the modernisation of the infrastructure and services of public health institutions,” Aletraris said.

He recalled the long-standing cooperation between OPAP Cyprus and Europa Donna, which began in 2012 with the Scientific Friends programme. “Ten years since then, 10 years since our decisive intervention with the donation to the ministry of health of eight state-of-the-art mammography machines, OPAP Cyprus embraces with love every step of Europa Donna because together we want to win life,” Aletraris said.

“We will continue to stand close to you, close to the women of Cyprus, not only because this is what Europa Donna and the ministry of health require, but also because this is dictated by the human-centred philosophy of OPAP Cyprus,” he added.

Health Ministry Director General Christina Yiannaki recognised the importance of the new mammography systems, which she said will enhance the programmes of the ministry, and further contribute to the detection of cancer at early pre-clinical stages. Yiannaki also thanked OPAP Cyprus, both for its latest contribution, and for its long-standing support of the ministry and Europa Donna.

Meanwhile, the sincere and strong support of OPAP Cyprus helps the operation and efficiency of Europa Donna programmes for the benefit of thousands of women in our country, said Mary Perdiou, president of the non-profit organisation.

‘Step by step, step together, we win life’ is Europa Donna’s powerful message, with its volunteers communicating to every woman in Cyprus experiencing breast cancer, seeking to offer psychological support and practical help in an environment of warmth and understanding.

At every phase of this process, Europa Donna provides encouragement, assistance and counselling in an uplifting environment; and at every step, they are supported by OPAP Cyprus.

Such backing began in 2012, when OPAP Cyprus partnered with Europa Donna in its ‘Support ZO’ programme, as a response to the psychological and emotional needs of women and families experiencing breast cancer.

In practical terms, this saw OPAP Cyprus donate eight, state-of-the-art mammography machines to the ministry of health, contributing effectively to the early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer.

In 2018, Europa Donna introduced the ‘Caring for ZO’ programme, offering physiotherapy to women and men experiencing breast cancer. OPAP Cyprus ensured the effectiveness of this drive, too.

Thus, from 2012 until the present, Europa Donna and OPAP Cyprus continue to be scientific friends. This is also the name of the programme offering women who have undergone breast cancer-related surgery the chance to have an initial prosthesis, free of charge, as well as the support of a qualified breast nurse.

And on International Women’s Day, every woman in Cyprus was, once again, honoured: every woman who claims, with dignity, the right to a quality life, with OPAP Cyprus standing shoulder to shoulder with Europa Donna, in a persisting spirit of love, strength and sincerity.

SOURCE: OPAP Press release.