La Francaise des Jeux Presents “The Rules of The Player”, Its New Preventive Information Campaign

April 9, 2022 | Advertising

BOULOGNE, France (April 4, 2022) – La Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) unveils a new preventive information campaign to promote responsible and recreational gambling. This includes four thirty-second films that emphasize the importance for players to know and respect the rules of gambling in order to play peacefully.

With this campaign broadcast today, FDJ reminds French people of good gambling practices: be over 18, set a budget and monitor your practice, in particular using the tools made available by the Group.

Produced by Havas Paris, the campaign is built on a humorous, offbeat and surprising tone to convey this message of awareness.

Each film stages a playful activity such as pétanque or chess. She draws a parallel with gambling in order to emphasize the importance of rules that ensure the smooth running of recreational activities. Gambling, like all games, must retain all its meaning and pleasure for the players.

The camera and the attention are focused on game parts. The players are not visible; they only comment on errors made by participants who ignore the rules. Thus, in the film “Pétanque”, a player uses a bowling ball to oust the approved balls already close to the jack. “Chess” features a player who moves his pieces randomly on the chessboard; while a participant throws a javelin at a target in “Dart”. Finally, in “Scrabble ®  ” [1] , a player tries to place the word “xytoplaf” on the board in order to collect as many points as possible.

The Group’s commitment to responsible gaming

Responsible gaming is at the heart of FDJ’s sustainable development model. From the design of its games to their sale, FDJ is committed to preventing underage gambling and the risks of addiction and excessive gambling.

Every year, FDJ remembers good gaming practices with dedicated advertising campaigns. In support of its numerous prevention actions, the FDJ group devotes 10% of its overall advertising budget to communications on responsible gaming, in particular on the prohibition of gambling for minors.

To ensure that gambling remains a fun activity, FDJ also offers tools allowing players to set gambling limits, assess their practice, or even refrain from gambling. Among these tools, “Playscan” (which informs players about the level of risk of their gambling practice) and online gambling moderators (allowing players to set their own financial and time limits), brochures and a test

point-of-sale self-assessment…

Since 2012, FDJ has achieved and maintained the maximum level of compliance with the responsible gaming certification provided by the European Lotteries Association. This level of certification confirms FDJ as the leading French player in responsible gaming in the field of gambling and as one of the European leaders in the lottery sector.

SOURCE: La Francaise des Jeux (FDJ).