Sustainability of Online Gambling in Argentina

April 9, 2022 | Gambling

ARGENTINA (April 1, 2022) — In the SAGSE TALKS cycle, Silvio Vivas, President of IAFAS of Entre Ríos and of the Marketing Commission, presented “ALEA and the sustainability of online gaming in Argentina”.

He presented the axes of work of the association together with its members for the development of the online gambling sector.

The Roadmap for the Regulation and regulation of Online Gambling in Argentina, the Code of Good Practices for Online Gambling Advertising, alliances and agreements with technological platforms to block illegal supply, the specific quality standard (Referential No. 19 ALEA-IRAM), among others.

Also, it defined the main components of a sustainability model characterized by:

  • a solid model of management, control and exploitation by the State
  • the adoption of effective measures to protect vulnerable groups of our population (minor and pathological gamblers)
  • The implementation of a comprehensive win-win business model that generates resources for the provincial governments and, in turn, is attractive for private investment.
  • Flexible models in each province, adaptable to emerging technological challenges.

From the commercial, communication, regulatory and legal perspectives, based on the experiences of the 24 jurisdictions, he referred to the sustainability of each game variant.

On which “the strengthening of our lotteries and, consequently, the social action that is possible from games of chance” depends.

SOURCE: The Association of Lotteries, Quinielas and State Casinos of Argentina (ALEA).

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