Ministry of Consumer Affairs Sanctions 19 Gaming Operators for Serious or Very Serious Infractions

May 19, 2022 | Legal

The General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling closes 13 web portals and imposes fines worth more than 58 million euros

MADRID, Spain (May 14, 2022) — The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has sanctioned a total of 19 operators in the online betting and gaming sector in Spain for serious or very serious infractions in 2021.

Of the 19 resolutions issued by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ), 13 have been for very serious infractions and have led to the disqualification of operators for a period of two years.

In accordance with the sanctions established in the Gambling Regulation Law (LRJ) for very serious infractions, eleven of these operators have been punished with fines of five million euros and the remaining two, with one million euros each.

In total, the fines in this chapter amount to 57 million euros.



The DGOJ has also detected serious infractions in six other operators in the online betting and gaming sector during the past year. In these cases, the fines amount to more than one million euros.

It is the first time that the Ministry of Consumer Affairs makes public the firm sanctioning resolutions (link is external) that have been imposed administratively by virtue of the latest modification of the LRJ, which establishes that serious and very serious infractions will be published on the DGOJ website once the interested parties have been notified.

It is, therefore, an exercise in transparency that makes it possible to know which are the web domains sanctioned for serious or very serious infractions.

This is the case of operators that offer activities related to gambling without the corresponding enabling title or of those who allow access to gambling to people who were prohibited from doing so knowing of such prohibitions, among other cases.

SOURCE: Ministry of Consumer Affairs.