Members of the Board of Directors of ALEA Selected for the period 2022-2023

June 13, 2022 | Lottery News

CORDOBA, Argentina (June 10, 2022) — On June 9, at the ALEA Meeting Center, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the Board of Directors assumed the positions for the period 2022-2023.

After the election of authorities, which took place at the 71st Ordinary Assembly in El Calafate, the formal assumption was made, renewing most of the main positions.

In the Presidency , by Lottery of the Province of Buenos Aires, CP Omar Galdurralde assumed its President; in the Vice Presidency , by the Regulatory Entity of the Game of Chance of Salta, its President Dr. Aníbal Caro.

In the 1st Vice Presidency, the Provincial Institute of Games and Casinos of Mendoza, represented by its President Dr. Ida López.

And in the 2nd Vice Presidency , by the Social and Financial Fund of San Luis, in the person of its President, Dr. Gretel Cali Velasco.

In the position of Secretary , continues Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires, represented by its President Lic. Martín García Santillán. And in that of Deputy Secretary , Chaqueña Lottery, represented by its President, Mr. César Gabriel Lemos.

In the position of Treasurer , the Caja de Asistencia Social of the province of Santa Fe, represented by CP. Rodolfo E. Cattáneo, who could not be present.

The positions of the Collegiate Sindicatura were also re-elected, which continues to be made up of the General Administration of Games of Chance of La Rioja, represented by the General Administrator CP Ramón Vera; the Caja de Acción Social de San Juan, by its President CP Claudia López; and by Lottery for Social Action Works of the Province of Santa Cruz, by its President, CP Roberto López.

And the 14 regulatory bodies of the remaining jurisdictions assumed the positions.



The President of ALEA and the IPLyC of Buenos Aires, Omar Galdurralde, thanked all members for their trust and support. He highlighted the gesture of all the jurisdictions that, despite the differences, “we have agreed to continue working, collaborating in an articulated way to fulfill our mission. On behalf of our provinces, we all feel proud to be part of ALEA, regardless of the place or position, because we know the prestige that this institution has”.

And he continued, “many of us who are here in a pandemic have had to take on. Now we are going to be able to give a different rhythm to all the work, with the invaluable contribution of the entire ALEA team. Everyone respects the Association because is constituted by all jurisdictions”.

SOURCE: The Association of Lotteries, Quinielas and State Casinos of Argentina (ALEA).

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