Febralot and Caixa Present the Progress of the Demands for the Lotérica Network

June 15, 2022 | Financial

BRAZIL (June 14, 2022) — On 06/08/2022, the board of FEBRALOT, the Presidents of the State Lottery Unions and the Executives of CAIXA met in Brasília, at Caixa Econômica Federal’s head office building.

Jair Mahal – VP of Retail Network opened the meeting by informing us that he had invited to participate in this meeting, five more VPs of interface areas with the Network to announce that the format of the CAIXA meetings with Febralot and State Unions would have, in addition to the sponsorship of the Network and Operator Agent Vice-Presidencies, the support of the VPs who give support and support to the business of the Lottery Channel.

It should be noted that CAIXA defined this SPONSORSHIP system for solutions for split-format lotteries for problem management.

All six VPs present spoke about the importance of the channel for their area, as well as for CAIXA’s business strategy, making themselves available to collaborate in solving problems, as well as directing their teams to speed up these solutions.

The President of Febralot, Jodismar Amaro and the Vice-President Aldemar Mascarenhas thanked the recognition of the lottery channel by the CAIXA VPs and said of the importance of this work shared between the lottery and the manager for the improvement of the conditions of the Business, very welcome at a time when we are going through a serious crisis of falling revenue and where there is a lot to do for the Lottery Network.

Then, Heitor Network Director went on to explain that he would make a presentation of the referral to the agenda items previously sent by Febralot and announced that he is preparing a Strategic Plan for the Lottery Channel, similar to what the bank practices not only with correction but with the planning of short, medium and long term activities to give a standard of quality that the channel requires.

Below, are the items sent by FEBRALOT, with the position of resolution forwarding by CAIXA and then the position of the Lottery representatives for each of the items.

The idea is to improve this format, as it still needs to be complemented with deadlines, how it will be done and the responsibilities.

01. Solution for the lack of customers in stores, compared to pre-pandemic levels

PIX WITHDRAWAL/CHANGE – Available only at lottery outlets and with remuneration of R$ 0.71 per PIX. The customers of more than 700 financial institutions are customers of CAIXA Lotéricas. Little used service: 9,904 lottery shops have performed the service between 0 and 10 PIX Cash Out/Exchange since its launch.



SCREENING PROPOSAL UNDER ANALYSIS – Structured action with receptionists for qualified reception on services that can be migrated to CAIXA Lotteries.

SEGURIDADE MODULE – Qualified offer for CAIXA Seguridade products.

DISSEMINATION – Periodic disclosures of the services available in each channel for the customer to choose the one that best suits their needs. There are also reinforcements of products and services available in the lottery.

OFFERS MODULE – Makes it easy to approach pre-approved services. 28.41% of the approaches were rejected during the service and 69.62% of the approaches were placed to offer later.

FEBRALOT’s position: All suggestions made here by CAIXA are valid, but CAIXA should focus on three main activities: regional and specific advertising for the lottery channel, speeding up the implementation of chip cards for digital accounts (all) of the Caixa Tem Application and the awareness of the General Managers of the Network to send to the Lottery Houses, customers who inadvertently seek the services provided by the Lotteries at the Bank’s Branches, either with guidance by screening at reception, or with informative posters in the self-service areas.

02. Advertising campaign to attract customers back to Lotteries

PIX SAQUE/CHANGE CAMPAIGN – Held in December/2021 – wide dissemination in the media, merchandising, social networks, sponsored posts, and radio spots.

+MILIONÁRIA CAMPAIGN – +Millionária’s campaign is in effect, has been widely publicized in the media, including promotional activation and distribution of media and advertising materials in various locations.

FEBRALOT’s positionCAIXA must create a specific advertising program for the Lottery channel, similar to the current campaigns that are carried out in special contests and new game releases, but on a permanent basis so that it is not unauthorized during electoral times.

03. CAIXA’s official position with the STF on ADI 6785

CAIXA’S INTEREST IN PARTICIPATING IN THE PROCEEDING – The Legal Department is evaluating the possibility of CAIXA’s participation in the process as an “amicus curiae”, which consists of requesting participation in the dispute in order to provide subsidies and enable a better understanding of the controversy by the Court.

FEBRALOT’s PositionThe VP Sponsors presented here must present to CAIXA’s Legal Department the seriousness of the problem presented here so that the work is developed and delivered with the required celerity.

04. Closer relationship between the Network VP and FEBRALOT

THE NETWORK VP’S FOLLOW-UP REGARDING THE LOTERIC NETWORK’S DEMANDS IS CONSTANT – Proposal for the realization of monthly agendas with FEBRALOT with the GERLO/SURPA technical teams; Board and VP in institutional agendas.

FEBRALOT’s positionThe shared form presented in this meeting between the different areas of the Bank gives us a very good impression, this sponsorship, however, will only have effect if the teams are also made aware to work on the same priority and managers must align themselves to direct the efforts of your teams towards the necessary synergy.

05. What are Caixa’s current intentions in relation to REDE Lotérica?



Strengthen the brand;

Inclusion of new products and services;

New service formats are being studied (totem, social networks);

Lottery stores are part of CAIXA’s omnichannel strategy.

Febralot’s PositionIn addition to prioritization, the analysis of the size of the teams and necessary resources must also be taken into account in order to speed up the continuous improvement processes.

06. Renegotiation of Lottery Debts (SELIC RATE) to FIXED RATE, regardless of the line

In February 2022, a new renegotiation was released for Lotteries with a variable rate. A new renegotiation can be contracted with a more attractive interest rate (from 0.99 am + TR). Re-sent conditions for negotiation of contracts to agencies and continuity of communication actions. Subsidized operations cannot be renegotiated (FGO, PRONAMPE, for example).

FEBRALOT’s positionThe debt renegotiation on line 737, in general, is not being made available by the General Network managers, due to lack of communication or training.

For the PRONAMPE and FGO lines, the position was not accepted, but the NETWORK and Product areas were left to interact with the Government areas so that a new PRONAMPE line that is about to come out comes with the possibility of renegotiating the current contracts and that have a pre-fixed rate along the lines of the line created to solve the problem of line 737 reported above.

07. Beginning of negotiations on the Base Date for correction of the banking services fee

FEBRALOT Order – Transactional adjustment to weighted average above. BRL 1.00 in the feasibility study phase:

Survey of scenarios;

Estimated weighted average rate R$1.01;

Budget Impact Calculations.

Deadline: JULY 2022.



FEBRALOT’s PositionWe carefully wait for the weighted average planned by CAIXA’s technicians to become effective when implementing the new values ​​with Dealers.

08. Promote the return of the Federation’s participation in the amendments to the circular

CAIXA in dialogue – we are always talking about changes to the Circular, but there are legal and regulatory issues from regulators where there is little room for changes.

FEBRALOT’s positionCAIXA was requested that, even in legal situations, the changes be presented to FEBRALOT in advance so that the group seeks to alleviate relationship problems arising from the lack of advance communication.

09. Sign an agreement with State lotteries, where the legislation already exists, for example, RJ, MG, CE, etc.

Proposal in progress. Meetings are being held with the States, Superintendencies and Lotteries to develop a business model. The first meetings were LOTERJ, LOTCE AND LEMG.

FEBRALOT’s Position: Speed ​​up this search for agreements with State Lotteries, focus on those that are in place and work to, through agreements, put into practice the model developed by CAIXA’s lottery area so that it can support the search for more agreements.

10. Exclude from the circular the obligation of bank certification for all employees

Demand without legal feasibility – the requirement to comply with Resolution CMG 4,935, of June 29, 2021. Provides for the obligation of the team responsible for services in credit and leasing operations to have Full Certification. Requirement for conducting business.
In progress proposal for certification of 50% of attendants by DECEMBER 2022.

FEBRALOT’s positionThe formal representation of Lotteries does not agree with the model presented to seek a solution to the impasse. We ask that CAIXA review with the Central Bank and take into account the arguments of the Vice-President of Febralot Orseni presented through formal communication.

11. Change the D+1 accounting of the difference for ULs with a paying profile

The proposal under study: through the study, 90% of the Partners will be served with the inclusion of cash supply:

1- Inclusion of a supply request in Conectação Partners, by the lottery with authorization by the linking agency

2- Inclusion of Cash Flow in the Partners Connection

3-Connection Partners send an alert to the partner of the need for supply to carry out Payments of social benefits



FEBRALOT’s PositionAlthough we do not agree with the model of accountability for Lotteries with a profile that pays benefits that use all the insurance guarantee in the mobile limit, we consider this a good alternative to mitigate the problem of lack of cash in the payment of benefits as no service can currently be waived. We ask that it be implemented as soon as possible and that, in parallel, a solution be sought for those Lotteries where the supply by the armoured car arrives in the afternoon, perhaps with a return on D+1.


After this agenda, a monthly calendar of face-to-face and virtual meetings between FEBRALOT/Sindicatos and CAIXA was agreed to seek improvements for these items and the others that are already being treated, as well as new ones as they are demanded.

FEBRALOT Board of Directors


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