Measures to Ensure a Healthy and Safe Gaming Market

June 15, 2022 | Illegal Betting

SWEDEN (June 13, 2022) –The Law Council’s referral proposes measures aimed at excluding illegal players from the Swedish gaming market and counteracting manipulation of results in sports, so-called match-fixing.


Law Council referral from the Ministry of Finance


In the legal advice referral, the government proposes measures to exclude unlicensed gambling from the Swedish gambling market. It is proposed i.a. that the Gambling Act (2018: 1138) shall introduce an option for the government to issue regulations on the obligation for payment service providers to provide such information used in payment intermediation for unlicensed gambling and that the current provisions on payment blocking shall be repealed.



In supervising that the license requirement and the promotion ban are complied with, an opportunity is also proposed for the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate to purchase online gaming services under a hidden identity (so-called test purchase).

The Law Council’s referral also proposes measures to counteract match-fixing. The measures include increased opportunities for licensees and sports federations to process personal data in the framework of the work against match-fixing, an opportunity to issue regulations on control routines for detecting and counteracting match-fixing and an obligation for licensees to provide all information needed for an investigation of crime is associated with games.

The Legal Council’s referral deals with the proposals in the ministry memorandum Measures against match-fixing and unlicensed gambling activities (Ds 2021: 29).

The amendments to the law are proposed to enter into force on 1 July 2023.

SOURCE: Joint website of the Government and the Government Offices.


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