The Tennessee Education Lottery Raises Nearly $6.5 Billion For Education

July 20, 2022 | Financial

Fiscal Year 2022 Closes Out with Wins for Students, Players, Retailers … and Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (July 18, 2022) — The Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation has closed its Fiscal Year with a contribution of $485,582,000 for all Lottery-funded education programs such as scholarships, and grants and after-school programs, bringing the total to nearly $6.5 billion since January 2004.

“The Lottery continues to be a valuable source of funding for the nationally recognized education programs we help fund,” said Rebecca Paul, Lottery President, and CEO.

“In addition to our Board of Directors and the entire Lottery team, I’m grateful for the support from our players and the network of more than 5,000 retailers throughout the state. We remain committed to our mission and will continue to introduce creative games, foster Corporate Social Responsibility programs including responsible gaming initiatives, and provide superior customer service to our players and retailers,” added Ms. Paul.

Gross ticket revenues for the period of July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022, were more than $2 billion. Players won more than $1.2 billion during the same period, including a $20 million Mega Millions jackpot winner, two instant-ticket players who won $3 million each, and 30 additional winners of $1 million or more. Total prizes won since inception now total more than $17.8 billion.

Plus, Lottery retailers earned $132.3 million in commissions during the Fiscal Year, bringing the total to $1.7 billion since inception.

Of note, for the 17th consecutive year, the Tennessee State Comptroller’s annual financial and compliance audit of the Lottery contained no findings.

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SOURCE: The Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation.

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