Ohio Lottery Transfers Historic $1.4 Billion Profit to Lottery Profits Education Fund

July 22, 2022 | Lottery News

CLEVELAND – Strong traditional Ohio Lottery sales combined with video lottery net win resulted in a record $1.4 billion transfer to the Lottery Profits Education Fund, which supports K through 12, vocational, and special education programs in Ohio.

The lottery recorded $4.3 billion in traditional lottery sales and $1.3 billion in video lottery net win resulting in total revenue of $5.6 billion, beating the previous fiscal year sales by $112 million.

The scratch-off category led with sales of $2.3 billion. The $20 scratch-off “$300 Million Diamond Dazzler” led with $116,934,780 in sales.  Sales of the Cash Explosion scratch-off reached $60,398,808, an increase of $25 million over the previous year. This was achieved in part due to the introduction of the Cash Explosion Cashword scratch-off, which capitalized on the popularity of Cashword games.

Draw-based game sales reached $2.0 billion. The growing popularity of KENO helped bolster the category with sales of the game up $44.3 million over last year.

“I’m proud that we continued to see growth in our sales, and we’re working toward new innovations and exciting additions to our scratch-off category in the coming year,” Ohio Lottery Director Pat McDonald said.

This fiscal year brought many player convenience-focused initiatives, including the increase of the mobile cashing limit to $25,000. Mobile cashing allows customers to cash winning tickets and have the winnings deposited to their bank account using the Ohio Lottery mobile app.

Since the mobile cashing increase in February of 2022, 545 high-tier claims totaling more than $5,000,000 have been processed. In addition, mobile cashing helped intercept more than $76,000 in child support and overdue State debt.

The cashing limit at the state’s seven racinos increased to $25,000, and all Ohio Lottery Regional Offices now offer multiple forms of payment for prizes up to $25,000.

Additionally, the Lottery introduced new scratch-off vending options giving bars and restaurants the opportunity to tap into the revenue generated from scratch-off sales. The 4-game dispensing units were installed at more than 450 locations.

All figures are preliminary and unaudited.  Audited figures are expected to be released in October. 

Information on VLT revenue can be found here:


The Ohio Lottery has contributed over $29 billion to education since 1974. For more information about the Ohio Lottery and its contribution to education, visit:

SOURCE: The Ohio Lottery.

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