Dutch Gaming Authority Concerned with Operators Increasingly Mixing Lottery with Online Gambling

August 1, 2022 | Government

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (July 28, 2022) — The Gaming Authority (Ksa) sees that lottery providers are increasingly adding online game elements to their offers.

The Ksa recently started an investigation into this. The Ksa takes enforcement action if the law or permit conditions are violated.


There are less risky games of chance such as lotteries and riskier (or: high-risk) games such as online games of chance, slot machines and casino games. Lotteries may not be offered online; it is only allowed to sell participation certificates (‘raffle tickets’) via the internet.

For example, offering a game linked to a lottery online is prohibited. A lottery license simply does not allow this.


The distinction between risky and less risky games of chance is there to protect consumers. People who want to participate in a lottery may not come into contact with more risky games of chance without being invited. These can lead to gambling addiction and related social problems.

Important objectives of the Ksa are consumer protection and the prevention of gambling addiction.

SOURCE: Kansspelautoriteit.