Mido Lotto to Reach 10-State Milestone Before Fall

August 1, 2022 | Lottery Sales

Company behind the app for ordering official State Lottery tickets releases data for the first time


MCALLISTER, MONTANA (July 29, 2022) – Since launching two years ago, Mido Lotto has changed the way people play the Lottery by offering an app for safely and conveniently ordering tickets from a smartphone.

Mido Lotto is the highest-rated transactional Lottery app in the Apple iTunes Store with over twenty-five thousand five-star reviews. Currently available in seven states, the Mido Lotto app will hit the 10-state milestone by the third quarter of 2022.

The Silicon Valley-born tech company is releasing a glimpse into who is using the app – and how – as it rapidly expands across the U.S.:

  • Mido Lotto drove a 25% increase in regular Lottery play across all states where the app is available.
  • One out of four people in the U.S. can now order official State Lottery tickets through the Mido Lotto app.
  • Mido Lotto users have saved over $10 million dollars ordering tickets through the app rather than driving to the store.
  • The average household income of a Mido Lotto app user is $96,000 (17% higher than the U.S. national average).


“As we continue our expansion, we’re excited to help State Lotteries generate incremental returns to beneficiaries by attracting young busy professionals who may not play Lottery draw games such as Mega Millions or Powerball otherwise,” says Rich Wheeler, president of Mido Lotto. “Since draw games are the most socially responsible and profitable games for beneficiaries, State Lotteries’ give-back efforts have more funding to fuel their good cause contributions benefiting local residents. And we offer the most convenient and safest way for busy people who want to order a Lottery ticket on the go.”

For Lottery players in the states where it’s available, Mido Lotto ensures tickets are never lost or stolen, and winnings never go unclaimed. Plus, with group play, Mido Lotto allows players to create teams, automatically manage allocations and distribute winnings.

Similar to DoorDash or Instacart (except its courier service is fully digital for consumers), Mido Lotto works as an intermediary allowing customers to order official State Lottery draw-game tickets from their smartphone. Tickets for every order placed are purchased from officially licensed Lottery retailers in compliance with state law and are managed in the app.

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About Lottery Now and Mido Lotto  

Lottery Now increases good cause contributions by bringing Lottery into the mobile, social, and physical distancing age. Our app, Mido Lotto, is an accessible, trusted and exciting new way for people to conveniently and safely play the Lottery. We fulfil all orders with official state-licensed Lottery retailers to offer a digital “convenience service” for the purchase and management of Lottery tickets bringing Official State Lottery draw-games to residents across states without a trip to the store. Lottery Now opens the Lottery for everyone to play, win, and make an impact on the people and causes they care about.

Mido Lotto is a legitimate resource for all eligible persons interested in playing the State Lottery from the safety of their phones. Mido Lotto is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by Powerball, Mega Millions or the State Lotteries, and makes no claim of ownership regarding any intellectual property of the State Lotteries. For more information, please visit

SOURCE: Mido Lotto.

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