LOTTO Hamburg Satisfied with Annual Result 2021

August 16, 2022 | Lottery News
  • Stable stakes and positive operating result

  • The new IT system enables better game offers

HAMBURG, Germany (August 12, 2022) – When the annual financial statements for 2021 were published on August 11, 2022, LOTTO Hamburg drew a positive balance for the past financial year. While stakes have remained largely stable, the municipal GmbH’s operating result is higher than in the previous year (after concession and special-purpose taxes).

“Against all gaming offers, the stakes are developing relatively stably,” explain the managing directors Michael Heinrich and Torsten Meinberg and add. “Since there were no longer high jackpot phases in 2021 for the big lotteries such as LOTTO 6aus 49 and Eurojackpot, no special effects particularly boosted sales.”

16.6 million game orders were placed with the municipal lottery company in 2021. The stakes for all products add up to EUR 167.5 million.

Due to the different number of calendar weeks, the stakes were 0.6% lower year-on-year than in 2020. Managing Directors Michael Heinrich and Torsten Meinberg explain this: “More lottery draws were carried out in the 53 calendar weeks of 2020 than in the 52 weeks of the year 2021. A comparison based on 52 calendar weeks, on the other hand, even shows an increase of 1.5 percent.”

Despite pandemic-related restrictions, most of the approximately 430 collection points in the Hanseatic city, especially in newspaper kiosks, were able to remain open. “While arcades had to close, we managed in the first half of the year to channel the offer for people who couldn’t go to arcades and betting shops and were still looking for a legal gambling offer. Apparently, the scratch cards in the acceptance points in particular benefited from this,” the LOTTO managing directors observed and concluded: “In the difficult year of the pandemic, we have succeeded in fulfilling our channeling mandate and strengthening the legal gaming offer.”

The most important pillar of sales

The rooting of the LOTTO acceptance points in the districts has helped many customers and also kiosks during the pandemic. Over 70 percent of the lottery tickets were handed in at one of around 430 LOTTO acceptance points. At the same time, the company’s own Internet share grew by 5 percent: 12 percent of the lottery tickets are now played online via the Hamburg website or via the portal . In addition, licensed, commercial game agents contribute to the result.

Positive operating and annual result

The operating result (after concession and special-purpose fees) was EUR 4.2 million in 2021, 13% above the operating result for 2020 of EUR 3.7 million.

The annual result after taxes was around EUR 0.7 million (in 2020 it was around EUR 0.8 million) and was partly distributed to the shareholder (the Hanseatic City of Hamburg) in 2022, partly to the reserves.

Due to the special nature of the lottery business, however, these values ​​are only of limited informative value, since they are determined after lottery tax, concession and special-purpose taxes to the Hamburg budget and the beneficiaries.

The operating result before lottery taxes, concession and special-purpose duties was EUR 62.0 million in 2021, EUR 2.2 million less than in 2020.

In addition to the slightly lower stakes of EUR 167.5 million compared to EUR 168.5 million in the previous year, the increased costs of old-age pensions had a particular impact.

New IT system enables better game offers

Since autumn 2021, LOTTO Hamburg has expanded the range of products and games on offer: In addition to the additional lottery SiegerChance, BINGO! To be played online and for Eurojackpot the system game is offered.

The prerequisite for these service expansions was the complete renewal of the central IT system implemented in November 2021. “The new software also enables a better multi-channel offering. With this, LOTTO Hamburg wants to both stabilize the acceptance points and further expand its own internet sales. LOTTO Hamburg financed all of its investments from its own funds,” emphasizes Michael Heinrich.

millions in profits

Hamburg’s tipsters were happy about winnings totaling EUR 66.2 million, and there were also two new LOTTO millionaires in the Hanseatic city. At LOTTO 6aus49, a lucky player from the Eimsbüttel district won 3.82 million euros in February and a player from Harburg won 2 million euros in September.

A total of 24 Hamburg residents won high prizes of 100,000 euros or more. This includes all games offered by LOTTO Hamburg such as LOTTO 6aus49, Eurojackpot and GlücksSpirale with the chance to win, as well as the environmental lottery BINGO!, TOTO, KENO, the additional lotteries Spiel 77 and SUPER6 and the scratch cards.

Successful lotteries

The most popular lottery remains LOTTO 6aus49. With stakes of EUR 90 million, this classic contributes around 56 percent to the total stake. The Eurojackpot stakes were 31.2 million euros.

Scratch-off tickets developed particularly well in 2021: 8.8 million euros were achieved with these instant lotteries; that is an increase of 41 percent. The sales of the environmental lottery BINGO! increased by 29 percent to EUR 3.6 million.

Since November 2021, the chance to win has been offered in Hamburg as an additional lottery of the GlücksSpirale. In just two months she has already made a stake of EUR 56,600 and has already contributed EUR 35,000 to the promotion of competitive sports.

The common good benefits

In addition to the many small and large lottery winners, the common good also benefits from the income from the games. Because the municipal lottery company pays part of the gaming proceeds to the city as a public welfare tax. Around a third of the EUR 167.5 million in gaming revenue flows into the Hamburg budget as license fees and lottery taxes.

In addition, the environmental lottery BINGO! and the GlücksSpirale 1.7 million euros to beneficiaries, who also use it to promote sports and monument protection as well as social projects and environmental protection and disaster control in Hamburg. For example, in 2021 proceeds from the environmental lottery BINGO! 92 projects in nature and environmental protection as well as in development cooperation were funded with a total of 636,950 euros.

Sports sponsors: Additional funds for sports in Hamburg

In addition to the concession fees and the promotion of competitive and popular sports from the GlücksSpirale and Sieger-Chance, LOTTO Hamburg has been supporting Hamburg’s sport with around 400,000 euros annually as a cooperation partner for several years.

LOTTO Managing Director Torsten Meinberg emphasizes: “Many sports clubs have fought their way through this second year of the pandemic with commitment and a wealth of ideas. It is important for these Hamburg clubs and sports teams that LOTTO Hamburg is a reliable partner for top and popular sports even in difficult times.”

Transfers from LOTTO Hamburg to the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and to beneficiaries from the areas of sport, culture, social affairs and nature conservation

Figures in million euros 2019 2020 2021
purpose charges 1,3 1,5 1,7
concession fee 23,8 29,8 26,7
total 51,2 60,5 57,8

Distribution channels LOTTO Hamburg

numbers in per cent 2019 2020 2021
acceptance points 76,1% 71,0% 70,7%
Subscription 8,5% 7,7% 7,9%
Own internet sales 9,4% 11,6% 12,2%
Commercial games brokers * 6,0% 9,6% 9,3%

*NOTE: commercial games brokers require a permit for their activities, which is currently issued centrally nationwide.

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