Research into Duty of Care Regarding Games of Chance in 21 Countries.

August 18, 2022 | Player Protection

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (August 13, 2022) — The Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) recently published a study on its website about the implementation of the duty of care to prevent gambling addiction in 21 European countries.

The study, of which an English summary has also been published, was commissioned by the Ksa. The aim was to gain more insight into how the duty of care is fulfilled and implemented in other European countries. Online games of chance have been legal in the Netherlands since October 2021. Most European countries have already taken this step earlier, which means that there may be lessons for the Netherlands to learn from experiences abroad.

Not out of step

The research shows that the Netherlands is not out of step with its laws and regulations when it comes to protecting players against the unwanted effects of gambling. A number of countries try to protect players extra, for example by applying mandatory maximum deposit or loss limits per gambling provider or an aggregated limit for all providers together. For various reasons, countries with an aggregate limit cannot be compared with the Netherlands, for example, because there is a monopoly or because the policy is not (yet) implemented.

Intensification of supervision

In a response to the survey, the Ksa expressly invites providers of online games of chance to take note of the results and to use them to their advantage to protect their customers. Earlier, the Ksa announced an intensification of its supervision of the duty of care. She is currently conducting a broad study into the way in which online providers put this duty of care into practice. The reason for this signalled that not all providers take their duty of care seriously enough.

SOURCE: Kansspelautoriteit.

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