US Patent Issued for Lottery Transaction Processing System

September 11, 2022 | Lottery Patents

United States Patent: 11,430,294
Date Issued: August 30, 2022

Title: Lottery Transaction Processing System
Inventors: Nitz; Robert J.(Ames, IA)
Applicant: Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) (Urbandale, IA,US)
Assignee: Multi-State Lottery Association (Urbandale, IA)
Family ID: 72607614
Appl. No.: 16/362,927
Filed: March 25, 2019

Current U.S. Class: 1/1
Current CPC Class: H04L 9/0861 (20130101); G07F 17/3241 (20130101); H04L 9/3247 (20130101); H04L 9/3242 (20130101); G07F 17/329 (20130101); H04L 63/123 (20130101); G07F 17/3223 (20130101)
Current International Class: A63F 13/00 (20140101); G07F 17/32 (20060101); H04L 9/32 (20060101)

A lottery transaction processing method is provided and includes receiving a lottery play request by a lottery play generation processor. The method further includes generating play information including a unique play serial number, and a play random number key, by the play generation processor, generating a play digital signature as a function of the play information, and the play random number key by the play generation processor, transmitting the play information and the play digital signature, but not the play random number key, over a network to a gaming system server for storage by the gaming system server, and issuing a lottery play record including the play information and the play random number key by the play generation processor.

SOURCE: US Patent & Trademark Office.

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