US Patent Application Filed for System, Apparatus and Method for Facilitating Remote Lottery Wager Communications.

September 23, 2022 | Lottery Patents

United States Patent Application Number: 20220301398

Application Date: September 22, 2022

Title: System, Apparatus, And Method For Facilitating Remote Lottery Wager Communications.

Abstract: A system, apparatus, and method are presented for facilitating remote wager communications using mobile communications devices while the devices are within range of an authorized lottery transaction device.

In various embodiments, lottery transaction devices are equipped with multiple Bluetooth-enabled transceivers, a lottery server manages identifiers associated with the transceivers at each lottery transaction device, and issues an identifier of an available transceiver to a requesting mobile communications device at the time the mobile device desires to consummate a player’s desired transaction.

Portions of the desired transaction can be communicated to the lottery server separately from the Bluetooth network to limit the time spent by a mobile device communicating directly with the Bluetooth-enabled lottery transaction device.

In various embodiments, the mobile device issues a disconnect call to the lottery transaction device directly after the desired lottery transaction has been communicated.

Inventors: Saccoccio; Jesse; (East Greenwich, RI); Truman; Mark; (East Greenwich, RI)

Applicant: IGT Global Solutions Corporation (Providence, RI, US)

Family ID: 1000006377788

Appl. No.: 17/830778

Filed: June 2, 2022

Current U.S. Class: 1/1

Current CPC Class: G07F 17/329 20130101; H04W 4/70 20180201; H04W 4/021 20130101; G07F 17/3223 20130101; G07F 17/3225 20130101; G06Q 20/3224 20130101; G07F 17/3237 20130101; G06Q 50/34 20130101; G07F 17/3209 20130101; G07F 17/3288 20130101

International Class: G07F 17/32 20060101 G07F017/32; G06Q 50/34 20060101 G06Q050/34; H04W 4/70 20060101 H04W004/70; H04W 4/021 20060101 H04W004/021; G06Q 20/32 20060101 G06Q020/32

SOURCE: US Patent & Trademark Office.

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