A.L.E.A. Launch Awareness Campaign Against Illegal Online Betting Sites

June 26, 2024 | illegal gambling

Lotteries across the country and legal betting sites launched a campaign and denounced more than 250 illegal sites that allow minors to play.


June 25, 2024 — The Argentine State Lottery Association (ALEA) and the Argentine Chamber of Casinos, Bingos and Annexes (CASCBA) joined the most important betting sites in the country to raise awareness and warn that, on their sites, “only the big players play.” For this reason, they reported 254 illegal sites that allow minors to enter

Access by minors to online gambling is prohibited and ensuring that this is complied with is a priority and absolutely relevant issue for both the state and the betting houses that operate legally in our country. The problem is that there are hundreds of illegal betting sites that do not carry out any type of control, making it easy for anyone to enter.

The campaign that is launched at the Copa América has the participation of prominent sports journalists and seeks to mark the differences between legal sites, which are all those that end in . bet.ar and do not allow minors to enter, and illegal ones, who use international or dynamic domains to avoid controls.

Legal sites operate under strict control regulations and implement processes, resources and technologies that ensure not only that minors cannot play, but also that adults do so in a safe and responsible environment. Illegal sites, on the other hand, do not apply any type of control and that is why the campaign seeks to raise awareness about the difference.

In addition to the awareness campaign and the complaints made by the state lotteries of each jurisdiction, CASCBA filed a criminal complaint to block access to 254 illegal betting sites  that are currently operating in our country without any type of control or authorization. 

ALEA and CASCBA work to raise awareness so that banks, virtual wallets, media outlets and social networks stop promoting or facilitating entry to these types of sites.

The Chamber thanks the media for their support in spreading the message, as well as the sites BetWarrior, Betano, Betsson, Bplay, Bet365, City Center Rosario, Casino Magic Neuquén, Lotería de Misiones, Casino Club, Casino Buenos Aires and Betfun for their commitment and hope that the campaign, together with the complaints, are a firm step forward in the crusade against illegal gambling, in order to guarantee a safe and responsible industry.

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