Meeting of Regulators from Spain, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria in Vienna

June 18, 2024 | Government

General Directorate of Gambling Regulation 

(June 17, 2024) — On June 11 and 12, the meeting of the gaming regulators of Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Austria took place at the offices of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance in Vienna.


At this meeting, the representatives of these authorities addressed, from the perspective of their regulatory singularities, issues related to the commercialization of instant lotteries, the challenges posed by the advertising of sports betting during the next Euro2024 or the regime of distances between gaming venues in each of its jurisdictions.

Likewise, an examination of some preliminary questions raised before the Court of Justice of the European Union was carried out, as well as a brief presentation of the main developments in the field of money laundering.


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