The Channel Islands Lottery is Considering Phasing out £10 Scratchcards

June 18, 2024 | Lottery News

GUERNSEY, Channel Islands (June 17, 2024) — The Channel Islands Lottery is considering phasing out £10 scratchcards, which currently make up more than half of all lottery ticket sales on the islands. This decision comes as part of a comprehensive review of the lottery system, which is set to be completed by the end of the year. The motivation for this potential change stems from concerns about the association of these high-value scratchcards with problem gambling, a concern echoed by the UK’s National Lottery, which discontinued similar tickets in 2019.

Jon Taylor, the senior lottery officer for the States, emphasized the dual priorities of ensuring safe gaming and generating profits for charitable causes. Last year, £2.5 million from lottery proceeds were donated to charities across the islands. Despite the substantial revenue generated by £10 scratchcards, the need to safeguard against gambling addiction may prompt significant changes, potentially including the introduction of a subscription-based lottery model akin to the UK’s Postcode Lottery. This model is perceived to be less prone to misuse and addiction.

The review will not only focus on the potential phasing out of £10 scratchcards but will also explore enhanced measures for promoting responsible gambling and raising awareness about support for problem gamblers. This initiative aims to balance the successful fundraising aspect of the lottery with the moral responsibility of preventing gambling-related harm.

Ultimately, any major changes to the Channel Islands Lottery would require a debate and approval from the States’ Trading Supervisory Board, underscoring the importance of a considered and community-supported approach to lottery management.


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