Small House BV Has Been Banned from Targeting Sweden

July 8, 2024 | illegal gambling

Strängnäs, Sweden (July 4, 2024) —  Spelinspektionen, the Swedish Gaming Authority, has banned Small House BV from providing games in Sweden without the necessary license.

According to the Swedish Gambling Authority’s strategy, we prioritize measures that contribute to gambling taking place with operators who have a Swedish gambling license. The Swedish Gaming Authority therefore clarifies the basis for our decisions on banning illegal online gambling by publishing these on our website.

Decision on prohibition

Information is published here about the gambling companies that the Gambling Authority has banned, with the support of ch. 18. Section 23 of the Gambling Act (2018:1138), to provide games in Sweden without the necessary license.

The decisions state which websites were relevant in connection with the ban. At the bottom of the page are also the decisions on bans that have been revoked.


SOURCE: Spelinspektionen.

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