C.N. Loteria Română S.A.

Address: Poenaru Bordea 20 Sector 4 07000 BUCHAREST ROMANIA
Phone: +40 21 406 77 00
Fax: +40 21 336 85 76
Director of Marketing, Sales and Production: DRAGOȘ NICOLA-BĂDIȚĂ
Number of Employees: N/A
Games Offered: Loto 49 (6/49) - Super Loto (5/40) - Expres (5/55) -Noroc (spiel) - Instant Games - Breakopens - Pronosport (results based).
Jurisdiction: Romania

About C.N. Loteria Română S.A.

The Romanian Lottery is an already traditional institution in Romanian culture, being a game of chance and society on the local market since the beginning of the 20th century. World Lottery Association, which brings together state lotteries from all continents. The Romanian lottery has as main object of activity the elaboration, organization, administration and exploitation of gambling, execution of lottery products, printing and polygraphic works, as well as other activities established by the statute provided in annex GEO 159/1999, by which it was established.

In 1906, King Carol I promulgated the State Lottery Law, amended in 1931 by the Law for the establishment and organization of the State Lottery by classes and in 1934 the State Lottery Authority was born, which organized lotteries in collaboration with cultural institutions. The launch in 1950 of the “Envelope in envelopes” shows greatly increases the popularity of this company at that time. Initially, the games were organized by churches, and the money did not go to a single winner, but was donated to people in need. In the middle of the twentieth century the big prizes were fabrics for clothing or, exceptionally, a “Moskva” motorcycle. Later, the prizes were developed on trips to the USSR or Bulgaria, or even cars. Nowadays, lottery prizes are substantial: millions of euros, cars, apartments. In 1999, by GEO no. 159 of October 21, 1999, the National Company Loteria Română SA (CNLR) was established, replacing the National Lottery, a communist institution. It was set up as a joint stock company. In the following period, new gaming products were launched which increased the popularity of the Romanian Lottery, representing important factors for gaining public trust. These include: “ONE HOUR HAS COME”, “Joker”, “Your Chance”, “Bingo” all in the format of the video lottery. The draws were always hosted by televised family shows and broadcast on Sundays on the TELE 7 ABC trust. The Romanian government decided in 2001 to expand the online lottery network to eliminate illegal gambling. September is the “month of the Romanian Lottery”, and on September 15, 2009, LR turned 103 years old and even wrote a book about this company and its specifics. “The story of luck. 100 years with the Romanian Lottery ”, issued in 2006 by the Romanian Lottery National Company.

According to the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 77/2009 , “Loteria Română” SA is the only legal organizer in Romania that has the right to organize and operate games of chance, lotto games and mutual bets, according to the definition received by them by the legislative framework of GEO 77/2009. Emergency Ordinance 77 of June 24, 2009 on the organization and operation of gambling, published in the Official Gazette 439 of June 26, 2009 describes the issuance and operation of licenses for conducting gambling activities, supervision of these activities.