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The history of the class lottery

Lottery with a long history

Did you know that Klasselotteriet is Denmark’s oldest lottery? In fact, millions of Danes have been playing since 1753.

The class lottery is not only Denmark’s oldest lottery, but one of the country’s oldest companies.
The story goes all the way back to June 29, 1753, when Frederick V, by royal decree, granted the Royal Family House the privilege of running a lottery.

In 1754 the first drawings were made at Charlottenborg in Copenhagen. But already in 1771 Struensee deprived them of the privilege, and the lottery has since been owned by the Danish state.


In 1992, the Klasselotteriet was transformed into a public limited company, where the state offers lotteries and owns 100% of the shares.

Payment service makes it much easier

Historically, Klasselotteriet’s sale of tickets has been based on a nationwide network of dealers (collectors) and direct sales of lotteries from Klasselotteriet’s sales office at City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

In 1993, the Class Lottery decides to introduce the possibility for players to play automatically through a payment service agreement with NETS or PBS, as it was then called. It will be the start of a whole new era in the Class Lottery. The collaboration with NETS means that it becomes much easier to play continuously in the Class Lottery, and it is in the taste of the Danes.

100% sales growth since the start of online ticket sales

In 2000, the Class Lottery opens for lottery games via the Internet, and interest in the game is increasing at rocket speed. For now, tickets can be easily and easily ordered online, and the payment as well as the winnings transfer can be processed through the Payment Service.

The measure will lead to an explosive increase in ticket sales. As of the end of the 2006/07 financial year, revenue had increased 100% since the introduction of online sales. However, it is still possible to play on physical lotteries.

Open all hours

The combination of online sales and payment service makes Klasselotteriet a simple game to participate in – and with 24 hours of opening time on Klasselotteriet’s website, existing and new players can now buy tickets to the whole of Denmark’s million lottery at their best.