Address: Olimpiečių str. 15-1 09237 VILNIUS LITHUANIA
Phone: +370 5 2780 700
Director: Mantas Lebedžinskas.
Chief Financier: Kristina Berseneva (tel. 8 (5) 2 780 711, e-mail


EULOTO is a Lithuanian lottery organization company. When we say EULOTO, we mean good lotteries, after all, in Greek and means good.

EULOTO’s field of activity is innovative lotteries. We aim to offer our lottery participants everything that is the latest and most exciting in the world lottery market. This requires additional investment, and the risk that the proposed innovation will not be attractive to players also has to be borne. But Lithuanians love innovation, and we like to create interesting lotteries.

We organize the largest digital internet lotteries “Superloto”, “Interjackpot” and “Jokerjackpot” and the largest classic telephone lottery “LOTO 1634”.

We are also organizing the biggest instant lottery “For Žalgiris!”, The instant lottery “MONOPOLY” based on one of the most popular board games in the world and other instant lotteries. Their tickets can be purchased at distribution points throughout Lithuania, and on the Internet – to play on the instant lottery platform “Blitz lotto”.

The company was founded in 2008 when Donatas Kazlauskas decided to introduce telephone sports lotteries in Lithuania. It was a bold thought for that era.

At the risk of private funding, the investment of the first company, then known as the Sports Lottery, was unsuccessful. The “Sports Lottery” seemed to have started its work successfully, but after two years its activities still had to be suspended – confidence in telephone lotteries in Lithuania was destroyed by the activities of other lottery organizers operating in the same field. Although the Sporting Lottery has not been tainted by any dubious activity, the overall most important thing in the lottery market is always the general trust of the players. Therefore, it was decided to wait for the next window to offer innovative lotteries in Lithuania.

It was decided to suspend or revive the company. At that time, Antanas Muraška also invested in organizing new lotteries. No other investors emerged.

After resuming operations, the company was renamed Lietloto, which we later abandoned after becoming EULOTO, in order to avoid confusion with the state lottery organizer that operated several decades ago.

Being small and flexible, EULOTO is now successful in creating innovative lotteries that require more initial investment than would be undertaken by major lottery organizers. For example, this year the only sports lottery in Lithuania started.

But when experimenting, we never let down the reliability of games, the whole risk is ours – lottery participants will like the innovations or not, but the promised prizes are always paid out. And, of course, we discuss in detail with all the innovations of the lotteries being implemented with the Gambling Supervision Service, which implements state supervision.

EULOTO distributes lottery tickets through the Perlo terminal network and the website , these sales channels are developed by Perlas Network, the only company in Lithuania engaged in such activities.

As required by law, 8 percent. EULOTO transfers the value of each lottery ticket sold to charity and support. They are assigned to the organizations of the Olympic movement – the Foundation of the Lithuanian Olympic Committee, the Lithuanian Paralympic Committee, other sports organizations. Another 5 percent. the value of each lottery ticket is paid to the state budget as a lottery tax.