Florida Lottery

Address: 250 Marriott Drive Tallahassee, FL 32301 - US
Phone: 850-487-7787
Secretary: John Davis
Sales - * Information displayed reflects data collected for fiscal year 2019 $7,151,236,000

About Florida Lottery

Lottery Impact on the Economy

  • In Florida, 13,039 retailers generated $6,700,811,000 in gross sales.
  • This economic activity generated $1,758,329,000 in transfers to beneficiaries.
  • $4,844,771,000 was awarded to players in prizes.

History of Florida Lottery

In 1986, Florida voters enthusiastically approved a constitutional amendment authorizing a lottery by a two-to-one margin. When the Florida Lottery began ticket sales on January 12, 1988, it became the first Southern state to launch a lottery.

The Lottery’s debut was a harbinger of great things to come – not only did sales begin six days ahead of schedule, but that first game, the MILLIONAIRE scratch ticket, set an industry record with more than $95 million in sales in the first 12 days. It was so successful that in just 17 days, the Lottery paid in full its startup loan of $15.5 million, plus interest.

Not resting on its laurels, Florida quickly launched its first two draw games, Florida Lotto and Cash 3, on April 29, 1988. Lottery fever followed, resulting in a then-world record lotto jackpot of $55 million in early September, with a single winner claiming the top prize. A year later, another record was set with a $106.5 million jackpot.

Today, the Florida Lottery is one of the top-selling lotteries in North America, and became the third to surpass $4 billion in annual sales during fiscal 2011.

As sales have grown, so have revenues, and the Lottery remains a dependable contributor to education. More than $1 billion in each of the past ten fiscal years has benefitted Florida students in public schools, colleges and universities statewide; the revenue accounts for approximately 6 percent of the state’s total education budget.

Pre-kindergarten projects have directly affected the youngest Florida citizens, and thousands of K-12 students reap the benefits of Lottery dollars every school day. Meanwhile the Bright Futures Scholarship Program, which is primarily funded by Lottery revenue, provides financial aid for higher education. Since the program’s inception, the Lottery has contributed more than $5 billion to send over 800,000 students to college.

Lottery dollars have also funded School Recognition and Merit Programs for improved schools, and have helped build and renovate nearly 800 schools through the Classrooms First and Classrooms for Kids programs.