NanumLotto Inc.

Address 15 Finance Tower 32 Gukjegeumyung-ro 2-gil Yeongdeungpo-gu 07325 Seoul, The Republic of Korea
Phone: Phone: +82-2-721-73 00
Fax: Fax: +82-27-217-350
Start - up: July 27, 2007
CEO: Yang Won-Don
Executive Director: Park Dae Ho
International Business: Sue.H.Lee
Gross Sales FY2016: KRW 3,885,524,311,274
# Employees (Full Time): 134
# Points of Sale (POS): 22,948
Games: Draw based games, Instants, VLTs

About NanumLotto Inc.

Nanum Lotto Inc. is the Korean official national lottery service provider, and started its business by consummating the agreement with Prime Minister’s Lottery Commission on August 13, 2007.
Nanum Lotto Inc., which is organized by 7 stock holding companies including Eugene Corporation, LG CNS, Nonghyup, and Samsung Books that have financial stabilities, and Intralot, KTeMS, and Angellotto that have specialties in lottery, will execute domestic on-line lottery business in 5 years afterwards from December 2, 2007 on the basis of trust management, public benefit management, and sharing management.
Lotto, operating approx. 40% of total sales to lottery fund, is typical public benefit business executed by the government from which the fund is returned many places of the society through residence stabilization support business for low-income group, promotion of culture and arts, conservation of cultural heritage, and welfare business for men of the national merits.
We are going to convert people’s consciousness about Lotto that was recognized as a speculative business for the meanwhile and contribute to the national welfare and social benefit substantially through Lotto business with the responsibility and mission. We also do our best to expand the lottery fund by securing stable and efficient operation and transparency.
Nanum Lotto Inc. will be a leader of the firm establishment of sound lottery culture, furthermore, extension of heart-warming donation culture in which everybody feels happy.