Address: 33, boulevard Rachidi 20070 CASABLANCA MOROCCO
Phone: +212 522 48 86 00
Fax: +212 522 48 14 36
Date Created: 1962
Director General of the MDJS: Younès El Mechrafi
Games offered: TotoFoot, TotoFoot12, Rating & Sport, Chrono, Instant games


Since its creation in 1962, the Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports (MDJS SA) organizes and operates throughout the Moroccan territory bets on all forms of sports competitions, national or international. 

With the creation of the National Sport Development Fund (FNDS) in 1987, the armed arm of the State in matters of animation and financing of public policies in the field of sport, the MDJS has gradually erected as a leading support to national sport, becoming as such, the main provider of the FNDS.

The involvement of the MDJS in the rise and development of the national sport has repercussions on several levels since the MDJS also encourages , via an inclusive sponsorship and sports sponsorship policy, federations, sports associations, and teams from district. The MDJS is particularly sensitive to the promotion of sport in the rural world and to the sporting practice among women.

This mission to finance national sport is both a great honor – due to its strategic dimension for the public authorities and the national community – but also a great responsibility for the women and men who animate the MDJS. Every day, they ensure that responsibility, security and reliability are guaranteed to the thousands of players who trust the institution.

Fully involved and aware of the challenge facing them, the collaborators and partners of the MDJS have carried out in recent years fundamental work in the transformation of the institution in order to enable it to reach the best international standards in the sector of sport bets.

These constant efforts have earned the MDJS the highest possible level of certification in terms of “Responsible Gaming” issued by the WLA (World Lottery Association) and the certificate of alignment with the responsible gaming benchmark for EL (European Lottery Association) in June 2013. The MDJS thus became the first African institution to obtain this level of certification and joined the Responsible Gaming Committee of the WLA as the only representative of the African continent.

This certification means in particular that the MDJS guarantees the protection of the participants, by ensuring the security, the reliability and the transparency of the gaming operations by the prevention against excesses, the protection of minors, as well as the awareness of the participants. A certification which embodies the overall alignment of the MDJS with the internationally recognized standards of excellence. 

The MDJS therefore registers its action over time by preserving the necessary balance between the development of new products and the consolidation of responsible gaming.

In her strategy and managerial processes, the Moroccan Games and Sports is actively committed to respecting the principles and objectives of corporate social responsibility. To this end, in 2013 the MDJS initiated a comprehensive action plan to comply with the CGEM CSR label. In this context, several actions have been taken by the MDJS to prevent corruption, to ensure respect for the privacy of players and to protect their personal data, in particular supported by certification to the ISO 27001 standard.

Allowing national sport to rise to the level of ambitions nurtured by all Moroccans, while maintaining a quality public service mission, such is the ambition of the Moroccan Games and Sports.