Address: Meistaru 19/21 1050 RIGA LATVIA
Phone: +371 29 518 468
Fax: +371 67 228 068
Chairman of the Board: Nils Sakss
No. of Employees: 98
No. of Points of Sale (POS) 975
Sales FY2014: EUR 21,888.416
Games Offered: Eurojackpot, Vikinglotto, SuperBingo, Latloto 5 of 35, Keno, Lottery 5, Instant lotteries, Additional games


The idea of SJSC Latvijas Loto is based on the basic essence of the lottery industry – attraction of free funds of the population, part of which is paid out in winnings and part – as additional financing goes to the state budget.

In December 2018, the sale of interactive instant lotteries was launched

In December 2016, a new number lottery Loto 5 was launched.

In January 2013, Latvijas Loto joined the international number lottery Eurojackpot. It is co-organized by national lottery companies from 18 countries – Czech Republic, Denmark, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Sweden and Poland (33 companies in total). lottery. The lottery takes place in Vantaa, Finland. The size of the winnings varies from 10 to 90 million euros.

In June 2012, SJSC Latvijas Loto obtained the Responsible Game Certificate of the European Lottery Association .

In December 2011, Latvijas Loto started selling instant lotteries on the Internet. The first instant lottery that could be purchased by any registered iLOTO user was Treasure Island.

In February 2011, Latvijas Loto joined the Viking Lotto lottery jointly organized by the Nordic countries. Viking Lotto lottery was established in 1993. It is organized in cooperation with state lottery companies in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Each country organizes this lottery at the national level. The draw takes place in Hamar, Norway. The size of the winnings varies from 700 thousand to several million euros – depending on how many players participate in the lottery, how many weekly winnings have accumulated and how many players have won.

In 2009, the additional game Joker was introduced7.

In 2008, SJSC Latvijas Loto obtained two internationally recognized certificates – ISO 9001 (an internationally recognized standard related to quality management) and ISO 27001 (an international standard related to information security management). The obtained certificates have allowed SJSC Latvijas Loto to integrate into international lottery projects.

In April 2005, for the first time, lottery players were given the opportunity to play lotteries online in the iLOTO system.

In March 2002, a new sale of the SuperBingo number lottery was launched. SuperBingo created a new format – TV lottery with Audience Games.

In January 2001, a new number lottery, Keno, was launched.

On June 1, 2000, Latvijas Loto signed an agreement with EssNet AB on the purchase of the installed on-line lottery system. Under the agreement, Latvijas Loto took over EssNet’s current operations in Latvia.

Latvijas Loto was transformed into a state joint stock company in June 1996, and this status of the company still exists.

In 1997, the number game lottery supplementary game Joker was introduced.

Latvijas Loto is the first to introduce the currently used on-line system technology in Latvia, which is manufactured by the US company Scientific Games Corporation . The first cooperation agreement – with the Swedish company EssNet AB for the installation and maintenance of an on-line lottery system – was concluded in Latvia in February 1996, but in December 1996, the number lottery Latloto 5 out of 35 became the first on-line lottery in Latvia.

The tradition of Latvijas Loto as a company began in 1972. With the restoration of Latvia’s independence, the company Latvijas Loto was established. January 10, 1993 can be considered the birthday of the national lottery – on this day the first lottery of the lottery Latloto 5 out of 35 was organized.