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Organizing with social responsibility

Today, social responsibility is the responsibility of every entrepreneur-entrepreneur. The purpose of socially responsible business is to increase profit, but in such a way that the growth rate also follows the increase of the positive impact of the business organization on the society itself, of course by minimizing the negative impacts. Organizations that are committed and do business with social responsibility, want to succeed, but not at any cost! They strive to achieve a balance between economic interest (profit) and responsible organization towards society as a whole.

Responsibility is a key and very important issue in the organization of gambling and the consequences it has on society. Many experts conclude that the problem is not in the play itself, but in the excessive play, and everyone agrees that the ultimate goal is to prevent this way of playing. Although responsible thinking and individual responsibility for one’s actions cannot be ignored in responsible play, it is important to note that we must be aware that some of the responsibility falls on the organizer of the games of chance.

The goal is to enable players to be informed when they decide to participate in the game and, if harmful consequences arise from the game, to make it easier for players to contact and access institutions that provide professional assistance. Business with social responsibility in the Kosovo Lottery is seen primarily in the responsible organization of gambling.

Organizing games with social responsibility means, in the first place, meeting the needs for participation in games of chance safely, legally, in modern technological conditions, given that we avoid or minimize the harmful consequences of games. of fate in society.

The Kosovo Lottery is a member of the European State Lottery Association. This Association sets the standards of responsible gambling organization. The Kosovo Lottery has signed the documents that define such standards, while the ideas and principles found in those documents are respected and implemented by the Kosovo Lottery in its work and business.

Social responsibility and responsibility to the community is the basic goal of employees in the Kosovo Lottery, both at work and in the organization of games, as well as in reports to players. Responsible organization of gambling also means a preventive measure against addiction and their organization in such a way as not to promote addictive behavior.