Address: Lotaria Kombëtare sh.p.k. Rr. - “Murat Toptani” 13, Eurocol Kati 6, 1001 Tirana, Albania
Phone: +355 (0) 4 24 72 600 & 0800 0639
Fax: +355 (0) 4 22 60 622
Executive Director of the "National Lottery": Peter Simoner


Who we are

NOVOMATIC Group , is one of the largest international manufacturers and operators of gambling technologies and employs more than 28,000 employees worldwide. Founded by entrepreneur Professor Johann F. Graf in 1980, the Group operates in more than 50 countries and exports high-tech electronic gaming equipment as well as technological solutions to 80 countries. The group operates more than 235,000 gaming terminals (VLTs) at over 1,600 stations, also adding gambling activities, which operate under the concept of rental.

NOVOMATIC Group is fully active in all segments of the gaming industry, through numerous international subsidiaries, thus offering a diverse portfolio of products to its partners and customers worldwide. This ranges from basic gaming products and services, through cash management systems and solutions, online gaming solutions, mobile and social networking, to lottery and sports betting gaming solutions, to host- first quality products and services.

The basic feature of NOVOMATIC is the clear, unique, innovative and strong focus on research and development. Thanks to numerous technology centers, NOVOMATIC Group is a pioneer in the development of innovative products and systems solutions in the field of gambling. The Group’s development activities focus on “Distribution of Gaming Solutions” and on the content of gambling and application software.

NOVOMATIC Group is positioned for sustainable, controlled and continuous growth and will consistently pursue this successful strategy. Major markets include in particular the member states of the European Union, as well as Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. With early engagement, the Group has established, expanded and maintained an excellent position in these countries. In addition to further growth in the markets of these regions, the focus is also on emerging markets, with stable and long-term prospects such as Latin America and Asia, but also the United States, where NOVOMATIC has been active for four years.

NOVOMATIC has been active in Albania for many years and has shown good results in the gaming industry. With the acquisition of the National Lottery, NOVOMATIC will lead the lottery sector through technology, extensive expertise and “know-how”, thus contributing to the further success of the National Lottery.

Company values

The National Lottery offers the highest quality games to adults. “Responsible games” is the basis of all our activities.

Our work is based on the trust that players and the licensing authority give us. We combine responsibility for society, the Albanian state and its regulatory policies, with high commitment, thus fulfilling these principles in a credible way.

The group’s expertise is characterized by the power of innovation and long experience in international markets, which are values ​​gained over the years. We develop and use the latest technology to guarantee optimal security in terms of game administration.

The National Lottery considers itself a “good citizen”, supporting institutions and projects that represent the interests of Albania and the Albanian people. Based on the licensing rules and the objectives of the NOVOMATIC Group, under which the National Lottery operates, we aim to offer the full range of products throughout Albania.

Encouraging cooperation with local partners provides optimal support for a long-term success with the National Lottery.


The National Lottery places maximum emphasis on the protection of the player and specifically exceeds the legal requirements in our rules, measures and programs to play responsibly. This applies to all aspects, from the courses and training we provide to employees and sales partners regarding customer relationships and responsible gaming issues, to the measures we take to protect minors.

The National Lottery has followed the path of “responsible games” since the founding of the company. We have set it as a priority to work against potential problems that may arise from participating in gambling. To ensure that gambling is for our customers only a leisure activity, the National Lottery is committed to enforcing appropriate restrictions, ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations of the game, providing players with the necessary information and to include player protection in the development of new games and in the redesign of existing products.