Lotería de Concepción

Address: Colo Colo 592 4030540 Concepción, Chile
Email: or
Phone: +56 41 226 625 /+56 41 221 0262
Fax: +56 41 224 4961
Year Lottery Founded: 1921
President: D. Mariano Campos
# Employees: N/A
# Point of Sales (POS): N/A
Games Offered: Passive, Instant, Loto, Keno
Beneficiaries: N/A
Jurisdiction: Chile

About Lotería de Concepción

Lotería de Concepción, leader in the gambling market since 1921, currently markets through its Agents, the following products: traditional KINO and Machine, Al fin le Achunté, Multiplica tus Lucas, Kino5, Raspes, TICKET Lottery and Cards Prepaid to play at

Lotería de Concepción was founded in 1921 to generate funds and support the University of Concepción.

Start by selling “raffle donations” then this was renamed “Lottery ticket”.

In September 1990 Lottery introduces a new game called Kino. The reception of this product was spectacular at the end of that year two million cartons were sold, earning the love of the people.

In 1991 Lottery scrapes are launched. Entertaining games, whose main characteristic is to scratch the game area and find matches, with the possibility of instantly winning prizes.

In 1999, in order to be in line with technology and grow in step with the times, Lottery created its own website, in order to offer a better and greater service to its customers and to the general public interested in learning more about Lottery. . Thus, on February 14, the website was officially launched, whose address is, which remains to this day. Its main content is the timely delivery of the results, information on winners and access to all Lottery games on the Internet.

Lottery continues its innovation initiatives with the launch of Kino5. The first draw for this daily game was held on May 3, 2005 where there were 5 winners with 5 hits, the category corresponding to their jackpot.