Lotería Nacional de Beneficencia y Salubridad

Address: Av. Mariscal Santa Cruz No.525 esq. Cochabamba La Paz - Bolivia
Phone: +591 2 2373060
Fax: Fax: 591-2-2335838
Year Lottery Founded: +591 2 2335838
Director Ejecutivo: Federico Apaza Ávalos
Year Lottery Founded: N/A
# Employees: N/A
# Point of Sales: N/A
Jurisdiction: Bolivia

About Lotería Nacional de Beneficencia y Salubridad

Lotería Nacional de Beneficencia y Salubridad is the main social arm of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and as such plays a leading role in all parts of the country, under the premise of helping save lives, improve the quality of life and make dreams come true. implausible illusions become unthinkable realities, product of the prizes that are offered in the draws.
The work of the National Lottery is vital, altruistic and fully committed to life; but silent, disinterested and perhaps even anonymous, at the same time, which means that very few people know about the real work of the institution, generating a veil of alleged inactivity, forgetfulness and possibly doubt about its existence.
Under the guidelines of dissemination and information, the principle of transparency, the right to information and social control contemplated in Bolivian regulations, we present a brief compendium on the work of the National Lottery in this medium.
This work also seeks to reposition LONABOL and achieve greater citizen participation in the draws whose sole objective is to generate resources for solidarity assistance tasks throughout the national territory.