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The company “Sport-bet” is the first and only operator of electronic interactive games in the Republic of Belarus. The company’s products are electronic interactive games “Sportloto 5 of 36”, “KENO”, “BLITZ”, “RESHKA”, “Sportloto 6 of 49”, “SportTOTO” and “Sportprognoz”.

Mascot “Sports Bet” – Owl. It symbolizes wisdom and is endowed with the ability to foresee the future. The Sport Bet team believes: our Owl helps every participant in the games and gives a good mood.

History of Sports Bet

Closed Joint-Stock Company Sport-Bet was registered on September 6, 2007.

The shareholders of the company are:

  • Private Unitary Service Provider Internos Group,
  • Private unitary enterprise for the provision of services “Peace Tennis”.
Sports Bet Products
  • “Sportloto 5 of 36” is the first electronic interactive game in Belarus, along with which modern gaming technologies, popular all over the world, came to the Republic.
  • “KENO” is the country’s first daily game in which the participant knows in advance the size of the win when indicating the winning combination in the check forecast.
  • Sport Forecast is the first Sport Bet game for sports enthusiasts. The victory of the game participants depends on the accuracy of predicting the results of football and hockey matches. The win is divided equally between all winners.
  • “BLITZ” is the first electronic interactive game, the draws of which take place every 5 minutes.
  • “Sportloto 6 of 49” is an electronic interactive game with a jackpot record for the Republic.
  • “SportTOTO” is a game based on predicting the outcome of sporting events (win / lose / draw).
  • “RESHEK” – a game in which you must answer “YES” or “NO” to 5 questions.

The company “Sport-Bet” introduces innovative technological solutions to completely eliminate the influence of the human factor during the draws.

To organize games, the equipment of one of the leaders in the global technology market for electronic interactive games is used. All equipment of Sport-Pari CJSC complies with international and Belarusian standards, has the necessary certificates and underwent a thorough examination of information security from unauthorized access.

Sport-Bet CJSC is developing rapidly. Today, Sport-Bet is represented in almost all cities and large settlements of the country. About 2,500 Sport-Bet terminals are installed in large super- and hypermarkets, in markets, in Belposhta branches, Kiosks of the Soyuzpechat system, branch agencies of Minsktrans, Energo-Oil kiosks and in many other places .

Equipment “Sports Bet”

To organize electronic interactive games, Sports Bet uses a special Sport-pari computer system.

Workstations of electronic interactive games operators at points of sale are equipped with special gaming terminals. The “heart” of a terminal network is a central system with unique software installed on it. A constant connection in real time is established between the central system and each of the terminals using GPRS technology. The intervention of the human factor in the process of accepting and registering rates is reduced to zero.

A special computer system (SCS) for electronic interactive games has been entered into the state registry by the State Committee for Standardization and registered with the Ministry of Taxes and Dues of Belarus. Game processes are transparent, which allows government agencies to exercise full control over the conduct of the game and the observance of the rights of the player.

All gaming equipment of Sport-Pari CJSC complies with international and Belarusian standards, has the necessary certificates and has undergone thorough examination for safety and security against unauthorized access to the central system, copying and theft of information.

The use of modern computer technology significantly affects the objectivity of the game process, therefore, when conducting the draws, the human factor is completely excluded. The use of these technologies allows you to make interactive electronic games available throughout our republic.