Loterie Nationale du Bénin

Address: Angle Avenue Clozel et Boulevard de France 01 BP : 998 Cotonou, Benin
Phone: Phone: +229 21 314 300
Fax: Fax: +229 21 312 258
Date Lottery Created: March 23, 1967
CEO: Gaston Zossou
Number of Employees: 197
# Point of Sales (POS): 360
Games Offered: Passive, Instants and Sports Toto, VLTs
Jurisdiction: Benin, Western Africa.

About Loterie Nationale du Bénin

Created by ordinance N 6 / PR / MF AE dated March 23, 1967, the LNB started its activities with a capital of 500,000,000 FCFA which rose to one billion FCFA in 1996. Indeed, before the Independence of 1960, fun activities were carried out in Benin by foreigners (Israelis) and capital was directed towards the outside.
The LNB is a commercial, financial, social company with a moral sense and financial autonomy. The head office is located in Cotonou.
It conducts its activities by complying with the laws and customs which govern the foundation of public and semi-public companies in Benin and derives its success from the successive innovations which stem from its products.


The LNB’s mission is to mobilize national savings to finance social, cultural and sporting investments.
Thus, its objectives are located at the institutional, economic and social, marketing and commercial levels. It is :

  • create a quality brand image;
  • build an administration for development;
  • to contribute to the improvement of the health and housing of the populations, to the progressive reduction of unemployment;
  • contribute to the consolidation of the macroeconomic framework and maintain its stability;
  • develop economic and social infrastructure;
  • mobilize national savings to finance social, cultural and sporting investments;
  • ensure good commercial management of its products and related operations;
  • maintain good public relations and give better visibility to the activities carried out.